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Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Ok this week’s book is


If my thoughts seem confusing, well believe me I was confused after reading this book. I can’t even get my thoughts in order to write a proper review, so I will do what I do best… rant ūüôā

As always my reviews may contain spoilers but at this point with the series being a wreck, I am not sure what I am going to spoil.

OK, slaps hands together, and rubs quickly.

Just like the last book, I really feel Harris is writing for the TV show, which again I am not going to get into the train wreck that is True Blood, if you like it good for you, I find it to be a train wreck that ruined a series I truly enjoyed. I am giving this book,


why you ask? Because Bubba ia back and Alcide gets naked.  That was worth three stars, had that not happened I would have likely given in 1-2.

This book for the most part is all about Sookie’s struggles, you know scratch that, I am not sure what the point of this book was about, the first 75% of the book I felt like it was why this why that, omg my grand mother had an affair. what? huh? why me?¬† I am telling you this book was all over the PLACE!

Why? Why? Why?

Well here is what I want to know, why did you Ms. Harris, change your style of writing? You were successful BEFORE the TV show, part of  me really thinks that she knows the story is so off track she is writing a story to help the book align with the Tv show.


OK let me get of this rant, and break it down for you.¬† especially for those of you that love True Blood (don’t worry I am not dissing you, I watch it every Sunday with 3-4 True Blood lovers, so I get it)

Ok what the hell is going on with Eric? I am having a hard time visualizing the Eric, he seems weak and whiney to me, no where near the striking Viking I liked in the first few books.

I was glad the bond was broken, really I was, I felt the bond is where the series started to go down hill.  I am hoping the next book bring sthe strong willed Eric back, that was at least exciting.

Here is my second issue of the night folks? WHERE IS THE STRONG WOMAN SOOKIE??? I noticed this issue in the last book, and I think out of EVERYTHING this bothers me the most, she had no problem putting Bill & Quinn in check but it is like she can’t put Eric in his place.¬† It bothers me.

Now the seen with Alcide naked in Sook’s bed, that cracked me up.

Overall I am going to finish this series and put this train wreck behind me and you know what watch the show, cause Alcide is hot, and he gets naked.¬†¬† Cause if you can’t beat em join em

Allegiant by Veronica Roth



Oh how I looked forward to this book.¬† I have loved this series since day one.¬† Warning MAJOR Spoilers ahead.¬† I will try to warn ya though…

I tried so hard not to rush through this book, I told myself I would not start reading it at midnight when it came out because I had to be a grown up and go to work.¬† The next day while I was at work, and asked if I wanted to go eat “Authentic” Chinese food, I was ready to go, until I remembered I had this book to read and that is when it began…

I read on my lunch break, by time my lunch break was over, I was 13% completed with the book. So did I stop reading while I was at work and after my lunchbreak?  No.  I kept reading incognito on my iPhone.  Looking over my shoulder for the boss.  and I read and I read and I read.

Veronica Roth, I am so beyond sad, this series is over.  Devestated.  I am serious. I am even more devestated at HOW you ended this series.  Shame on you.

As most are aware it is told from Tris & Tobias’s perspective.¬†¬† I find it interesting that the book used Tris’s nickname and Tobias’s real name… not sure why that interested me, but it did.¬† I also wondered why, well come Chaper 51 I understood.

The book gets moving fast, I mean fast, in the first 24% you find out who the Allegiant are and what they are doing, Two trials one for Tris & one for Caleb, a fight that results in a death of a chartacer that has been there since the beginning, Four’s fear land scape, why they formed the factions and oh maybe the most important part… what it means to be Divergent. Yep Roth covers all that¬†and then some¬† All that in the first 24%.¬†¬† Shut the Damn Door.. might as well call it quits, all my ORIGINAL ¬†questions are answered, but rest assured I had more questions at the end of this 24%.

Needless to say, I  knew by the end of my lunch break I was going to have to power through my day and get to reading, but nope I kept reading while sitting at my desk incognito.  In fact when I had to drive home I paid tolls so I could get home faster and read some more.

Veronica Roth if I had gotten busted, I would have sent you my resume as your AMAZING book is the reason I could not STOP READING!!!!!

Let me say the romance between Tris & Four gets steamier. Which I am famous for not caring about, but I kinda dug this. There love and passion was effortless, and I appreciated that.  I just knew they would have a happy ending.  SPOILER ALERT. They will not! END SPOILER

We finally see Four’s fear landscape and it was great, if not predictable.¬† SPOILER AHEAD SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW>>>NOW¬† Four still sees Marcus in his landscape, but he doesn’t fear Marcus, but becoming him, which I found to be a very realistic fear, and I appreciated that.¬† END SPOILER

Ok I have to be honest, when Insurgent ended, I thought the book would take a completely different direction, all I can say without spoiling the book, what lies outside the walls is NOT even what I thought would happen.¬† I remember when I had finished about 70% of the book, I was like “huh, this is really not the direction I thought the book would take” but in a way, I feel the book took a natural direction, and one that makes sense.

One that is true to human nature…

¬†MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***OK now here comes the rant, and this entire rant will be a spoiler…so if you do not want the ending ruined skip now.¬† There will be MAJOR spoilers in this rant…. OK long story short the city Tris & Tobias were raised in was practically an experiement, well given they are fighting amongst themselves, well the scientist’s cant have that, so they are going to “reset” the program by using the memory syrum.¬†¬† Well you know Tris isn’t having that.¬†¬† So long story short… and don’t worry friends my rant is about to come…¬†¬†Someone is going to have to die in order to prevent the scientists from resetting the “experiment” and you know? I am ok with that of course someone is going to die, and you know, from the very beginning I just had a gut feeling that Tobias was going to die.

I couldn’t be more wrong

Caleb volunteers there are tears shed, Tris goes with him in the end BUT WAIT Tris being Tris can’t have him sacraficing himself for the wrong reasons… and in an confortnation with soldiers she takes him hostage and tells Caleb to tell Tobias, she didn’t want to go… or some crap like that.

But wait fellow readers…. the drama doesn’t end there. She makes it through the death syrum… yeah I forgot to mention that, when you break into the weapons lab it sets off the Eruidte’s death syrum.¬† THE DEATH SYRUM DOES NOT KILL TRIS!!!! YAY Tris is going to live.

Well Guess what David Kills her.

Yep you read that right David kills TRIS!!!!


At first I was stunned, and I was like wow Roth is quite Dauntless, I mean who kills their MAIN CHARACTER OFF??? I was like you go girl way to make a Brave decision, because she is going to get a crap ton of backlash … then I started to think about it… IN fact I thought this was a five star book at first.¬† Now I give this book


and here is why.¬† I struggled with the rating I wanted to give this book, I truly loved the world building of Divergent, it felt unique it felt different.¬† I loved Tris, and you know it is not even the fact that she killed Tris, not everyone has a happy ending, not everyone is going to be happy.¬† The real world, especially the world where war has taken place, is broken, it takes time to heal, there will be loss, it is realistic….

I give her credit for that, it was a realistic ending the hero doesn’t always survive, but I TRULY feel the only reason she killed Tris was for shock factor to get her story trending on yahoo, which it did by the way… I think she turned into another dystopian author who is trying to outdo the last Dystopian novel.

and that bothers me, I read a lot of Dystopia but I have noticed a disturbing trend that the authors are trying to out do the Hunger Games, because let’s face it, the Hunger Games was different, kids killing kids (it is shocking) but like every thing else in this world, someone has to out do the last… and that is what I think Roth did here.

Tris’s death was truly pointless, and that bothers me.¬† I know it is pathetic to get wrapped up and emotionally involved in characters, but I truly loved the series now… I feel like I want my time spent reading it back and I wish I would have never read the book.¬† Never.

And honestly I am not even going to get started on how she wrote Tobias in this book, Tobias will NEVER have a happy ending, even if she wanted us to feel that way by writing that mend crap line as the last line of the book.¬† Ugh, I can’t even focus on that right now…

as for the movies? I am just not sure if I will go see it, I loved Divergent and Insurgent, but I highly doubt I will go see Allegiant.

I will give Roth credit though, she sought out to get people talking about Allegiant, and that is exactly what she did.

well those are my two cents… but do yourself a favor don’t start the series.

Succubus Dreams By Richelle Mead

This week’s book review is



I am an avid lover of Richelle Mead, I got into her a few years back when the Vampire Academy started becoming a big deal, I stayed up well into the nght to find out who killed the queen, and to see if Rose would get her man… I am currently in love with the spin off Bloodlines series… and DO NOT get me started on how fabulous Age of X is.

So when I was looking for a new series to start reading and I stumbled across her Georgina Kincaid series, it seemed like the perfect series for me to start reading, but I stopped after a few books and let life get in the way.

When I decided this season’s list would be all about finishing series I started but didn’t finish,this of course would go on the list.¬† So let’s get onto the review… but honestly, don’t read the review… go start reading the series… like now… Go ūüôā

I give this book

The series starts off with Georgina struggling with her current relationship with best selling author Seth Mortensen, because she is a succubus and is not wanting to take part of his soul.¬† Even though in the past books, they said sex would not get in the way, it is clearly starting to take it’s toll. And let’s face it, it wouldn’t be good drama if it didn’t start to take it’s toll.

If this was not a big enough problem she is being ordered by her superior that she¬†has ¬†to mentor a new succubus who is pretty much inept… or is she?

Then IF THAT WASN”T ENOUGH she is having dreams of a future that involve her having a child, and a mysterious man she never sees. Then she wakes up drained of her power, even when she took a man the night before.

She starts to seek answers from Dante a dream interpreter that has apparent ties to the underworld, and this pretty much opens a whole other world of shenanigins

I won’t get too much into the plot because I feel this book is a series changer but in case you just have to know who is doing the horrible acts to her.¬† AGAIN WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS REVIEW!! GO READ THE SERIES

***SPOILER ALERT Skip down now, if you rather not be spoiled… She is having her soul taken from Nix, who might or might not be showing her the future life she may have… which is odd, because she can’t have kids, and the little girl in the dream Georgina knows without a doubt is her daughter¬†there is significantly more involved¬†with this plot but this the general¬†plot¬†END SPOILER

OK if you didn’t read the spoiler let me just tell you that you need to go out right now and start reading this series, and if you are like me¬†and took a break from the series¬†you need to finish the series.

This book is a game changer for the series and I can’t wait to see what happens to both Georgina and Seth.

***SPOILER ALERT Seth and Georgina totally break up in this series, and Seth sleeps with Georgina’s friend GASP I know!!! END SPOILER***

Why are you still reading this post still?  Seriously go READ THE SERIES!

Until Next time



Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

Those of you that know me, know that I do whatever it takes to not think about work. I am not always able to get out and travel and explore, because of that delightfully evil thing called money, but I can excape in a good book.

Sunday is always a big reading day for me. I pretty much read every day, but I can often find myself lost in a book on Sunday. Sunday is my super quiet lazy day and that allows me to get lost in the story. So when I was thinking about adding something new to the blog, I thought why not review a recently finished book on my current Reading List?

So today I bring you, my review on


Now let me start off by saying I loved the first few books in the series, to the point that when the show came on, I could barely contain my excitement that a book series I cherish is going to come to life on the big screen.

After season 2, I realized my dreams were destroyed. The show is horrible. I really do only watch it because of Joe Manganiello and the hopes of seeing that god like body and because of the show, I stopped reading the series. I will say had I not read the books I think I would LOVE the show. I know, walking contradiction. As the book series just ended I decided I needed to finish it because I needed to know how Ms. Harris really wanted it to end, not the way HBO wants it to end. I need to know what happens to the characters I love.

and then I read this. Spoilers ahead. You have been warned. I really was hoping my faith in the series would be renewed, which is why I am semi sad that I am giving this book a


THe fairy wars are over, and Sookie is still with Eric. I have never been a fan of Eric, I am not sure why, but he has never screamed Sookie you must be with Eric. AS Eric, was not quick to come to Sookie’s rescue I was really hoping she would kick him to the curb but nope he explained he was practically being held hostage and could not come to her aid. All is forgiven and they love each other. I also felt like Eric was a lovesick child in this book, but not the Viking who oozes power & control.

Which brings me to my next issue. Sookie is written as such a strong woman. that is one of the reasons I adored her as a character. She is a strong role model . Yet in this book she seemed whiney. Really whiney. Granted I know she was tortured and all that, but still she has been nearly killed before and still came out strong.

Ok let’s talk Bill.¬† I had HUGE issues with his story line.¬† Bill is dying from blood poisoning but doesn’t want to contact his sister? So Sookie solves the problem with an email? Come out Ms. Harris, you can write better than that!

Claude has a larger role now too. Now I must admit I love Claude. I like the direction Claude took in this book. I felt Claude has a place in the series now, and I like the development that occured.

The ending also was just Eh… It left me wanting more, which is why I will start the next book. I felt like it was this big dramatic ending, but just so so plot development up to the end.

Overall I just felt this book was lacking the usual charm of the other books… and when she mentioned Jace Everett’s Bad Things in the book, I rolled my eyes. I really hope she is not writing the story to match the TV show, cause let’s be honest if you have read the books you know the TV series is so far gone, it might as well be it’s own thing. Which is how I treat it now.

I just feel the book lost it’s charm, and I am concerned this is going to continue into the next two books.

Those are my thoughts on the book, what are yours? Did you love it? Hate it? Felt like I did? Please share!

Until Next time