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Worker’s Paradise: You Too Can Teach English in China! by Ron Curtis

Are you considering teaching English in China? I have been teaching English in China for 4 years, and this book contains my advice and insights for new teachers. Who should come to China? What kinds of working conditions should you expect? How are the students? How is the food? How can you have fun in China?

Now, more than ever, China is taking a leading role on the international stage. Thousands of expats come every year to experience the amazing culture and make their fortune in the process. The market, however, is becoming more competitive. Let me introduce you to this legendary land, not as it is in the movies or in our imaginations, but as a foreigner in the trenches today. I wish I had read a book like this myself before I came to China.

Table of Contents
1. Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “Holy Shit! I’m in China!”?
2. Red Scare: An American walks into a Commie Bar. . .
3. Hey Teacher, Go F*** Yourself! What do students really think of foreign teachers?
4. Marco? Polo! Getting into China
5. Saving Face: Your ESL Resume
6. Forbidden Cities: Avoiding Jobs in the Chinese Ghetto
7. Sweatshop Nation: How much do your Chinese counterparts earn?
8. Black Market English: Part-time Work in China
9. You Pay Now! Money Issues in China
10. Me so Horny: The Adult World of China
11. General Tso’s Trippin’: Getting Wasted in the PRC
12. Socializing with Socialists: Making Friends in China
13. Me No Speak-ey No Chiney! Learning The Chinese Language
14. It’s literally Dog-food: Enjoying Chinese Food without the Diarrhea!
15. Yup, they got Jehovah’s Witnesses here, too: Religion in China
16. I didn’t Order the Pupu Platter: Surviving Chinese Bathrooms
17. White Rice or Brown Rice: Racism in China
18. Riding the Chinese Dragon: Transportation
Appendix: Workers, Party! Making the Most of your Time in China

My Review: Real talk when I was just dipping my toe into reading about teaching abroad, I laughed SO hard at the chapter titles in this very short book and I knew it was going to be one of the books I read for my research.

This book may have funny chapter titles but it really dives into each subject and gives you a great understanding of the subject. For example, education is hard in China.

This book is a fantastic guide for those specifically wanting to teach in China, it dives into social norms, what to expect and yes even racism in China. It gives you a deep insight into teaching ESL to Chinese students

I really enjoyed this book and I will read it again once I am ready to go especially if I gain contract in China.


REVIEW: The Ultimate ESL Game Book: Mini-Games and Activities for Young Language Learners

Summary: The Ultimate ESL Game Book is a diverse directory of games and activities created for the ESL classroom with fun and interactive learning in mind. With over 70 individual games and a wide collection of illustrations, there is certainly a game for every classroom occasion. The games provided can quickly infuse any teacher’s valuable learning materials and lesson content with exhilarating mini-games, projects, and activities. Specifically geared towards young learners ages three through ten, the games and activities found in this book aim to stimulate language learning to the extreme.

“The Ultimate ESL Game Book occasionally challenges even the most experienced teachers. Kaplan’s game book is a powerful addition to the arsenal of any ESL teacher. The multitude of games included in the handbook are well-explained, diverse, and certain to make your classroom a more enjoyable and productive learning environment.”
-Read Jay Coburn, Kindergarten Academic Manager in Jinan, China.

“This game book really is the ultimate. It’s a must-buy for any teacher teaching a second language anywhere in the world. The games are well-organized and easily adaptable to students of any age. More importantly, they facilitate an exciting learning environment.”
-Steven Dearholt, Kindergarten Franchise Manager in Haikou, China


My Review:   When I read the title of this book in my TEFL and teaching abroad research I knew it wasn’t quite what I was looking for but I was curious in regards to the idea of teaching English.  I LOVE this guide in fact I am pretty sure this is one of the books I will buy when I am ready to pack up my stuff and move abroad to teach English.     The book let’s you know this is especially effective in Asia, because it is a visual education but the games and practice and can be worked into any curriculum.

Fantastic book that I will buy the physical copy of once I am ready to go (I utilized my Kindle Unlimited membership during my research)

Learning to Teach Abroad

Hey guys!

So while I have decided to ground myself for a bit, it is really so I can start taking measures so I can get the skills and save the money I need so I can teach abroad. I do not have a formal education in teaching but essentially I am in a position in my life that I am ready to start taking the next steps to teach abroad. I am truly open to teaching anywhere in the world. So me being me, the first thing I like to do is read about it… extensively. Over the next month I am going to share with you all of the books I have found that give an insight into teaching English as a second Language specifically abroad.


Summary: A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Traveling  While Getting Paid to Teach English… Follow your Passion and Get in the Process
This Book is What You Need to Change Your Life in 2015
The ONLY Kindle Publishing Complete Course Book Backed by Lifetime Support & Money Back Guarantee

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
The English language has become a medium for international communication in the fields of science, business and art. To meet this growth in use, many graduates have taken the step to move abroad in order to teach English as a foreign language. Teaching English overseas is an exciting career for someone who likes language and being around people from other cultures. It has the added attraction of an opportunity to live in a foreign country while earning a salary and can also be an entry into the teaching field. Furthermore, it is a field with many opportunities as English only increases its importance as an international language.
English is the most widely spoken language in transportation, commerce, banking, tourism, technology, diplomacy, and scientific research. Not only do people from other countries need to know English to interact with native English speakers in these arenas, English is also the most frequently used language among speakers of different languages other than English. Many foreign governments have realized the importance of having citizens who are sufficiently proficient in English to participate on the world stage. As a result, they have increased the amount of English education that students receive so they can reach the level of competency required to communicate proficiently in English.

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Let me Repeat, This is The ONLY Kindle Publishing Complete Course Book Backed by Lifetime Support & Money Back Guarantee !!!
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Happy Travels


My review:  This book really is a step by step guide.  It is a very basic insight into the steps it takes to become a teacher abroad.  It gives you insight into the TEFL, TESOL & the CELTA.    I am going to dive into each of these and decide which is best for me (I always thought it was the TEFL)

I like that it gives you tips for every step even reviewing your contract and what to look for and what to take into consideration.  The author has in fact taught abroad so it is nice to give her insight into teaching.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited so I do think  it is a great one to download if you have that service.  It is not very expensive so if you are looking for an initial insight into teaching abroad I certainly recommend reading this book.    It also has a guarantee, so I am sure if you take the steps in this book you will land a job.   🙂  I am still a bit out from looking for a job but I do like this guide.