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Need extra money? Sell clothing on Poshmark I made $806 last month

So I made $806 last month selling my stuff on Poshmark.

To be honest I let most of my stuff go super cheap but I needed the space and the money so it was a win win for me.  I am now selling for other people and using the money to help me get abroad to teach and yes volunteer on some environmental projects.   Poshmark has been very lucrative for me and YOU CAN clean out your closet and make money.

It is very simple.  You download the free app, snap a photo of that shirt you haven’t worn in years.  Set a price and BAM  you are set.

Here are a few tips:

Share, Share, Share-  The more you share the more of your stuff that will get shared and get out to potential buyers.

Engage in the community.  Posh is a very social app.  Ask questions, read profiles and comment.  Tell people the item is awesome even if it is not your size.   Be friendly.

Ship quickly-  Posh makes it easy, they email you a label.  You slap it on a box and ship it.

I have EIGHTEEN THOUSAND followers and my network grows every day.   That is because I am very active and talk to people.  I follow people, I share… I have fun on the app.

If you are curious you can use my referral code of CUBICLEESCAPEE and get $5.  I will also get $5 which is great because I have my eyes on a swimsuit.  So consider using my referral link 🙂  Also make sure you let me know you found me via this website so I can follow your Poshmark success 🙂

Need extra income & love animals? Consider dog sitting.

This post contains a referral link at no cost to you.  If you are truly interested in dog sitting I would appreciate if you use my referral link!

This is a post I have been meaning to write for a while.  I am all about the side hustles in life and one of my favorite side hustles is dog sitting & walking.  NOT only do I get to cuddle fur babies I get to earn a little extra cash too.   Since I am moving to China next year I am at the point that every dollar I can earn is going to help me out in the long run.

It is no secret I am an animal lover, so as far as I am concerned this is a major win win side hustle.  I just started taking dog walking clients again so I am just getting back into this business but last summer I cleared over $1000 dog sitting and walking.  It took a little of my time and it helped keep me in shape.  Dogs love walks/runs… so that is a major benefit too.

Enter Rover.

I recommend if you want to stay in people’s homes you do the background check.   It doesn’t cost much and I did earn a lot of money because of this.     Rover is trustworthy and a lot of people visit the site specifically looking for dog sitters.

I have found that posting on facebook sell groups and the Next door app is very beneficial as well!   It is a way to expand your business! Especially if you are available during the day (which obviously I am!)

This is a great way to earn as little or as much as you would like!  I have found it is easy to earn $10-15 for a thirty minute dog walk and people are willing to pay $40-75 a night for dog sitting!  I once earned $200 to drop in an feed cats for five days.  Seriously people LOVE their pets and want a reliable person to take care of them.  That person COULD be you!

Email me if you have any questions! Have you tried dog walking and sitting for a bit of extra money?

Use my link HERE