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Wild Night is Calling


Summary: Wisconsin. Summer. Late at night.

Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys, who invite them back to their place to party.

But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare, where nothing is what it seems…

Wild Night Is Calling is a 6000 word short story by thriller writer J.A. Konrath (Shaken, Trapped) and romantic suspense writer Ann Voss Peterson (A Cop in Her Stocking, Seized By The Sheik).

Peterson wrote the first half. Konrath wrote the second half.

This ebook, specially formatted for Nook with an active table of contents, also contains an excerpt from Konrath and Peterson’s collaborative spy thriller, FLEE, coming out this Spring.

My Review: This book was cray cray. I think I went in thinking it would be a ghost story and one that would be creepy but you know not scary as all hell. I am pretty sure every book I read set in Wisconsin has crazy stuff go down. I really enjoyed this story… and I found myself screaming run little girl run.

Very good short story that kept me drawn in the entire time. I don’t want to write too much about the plot because sadly with short stories that can be very spoilerish.

Win by Submission (Against the Cage #1) by Melynda Price



To win her heart, he’ll be in for the fight of his life.

After an illegal kick during a CFA title fight fractures Cole Easton’s spine, doctors say there’s nothing more they can do for the bitter Vegas fighter. They say it’s a miracle he can walk, if that’s what you call his crutch-dragging limp. Unwilling to give up on him, Cole’s manager sends the injured fighter to the best physical therapist he knows: his niece, Katie Miller. When Cole arrives in the small town of Somerset, Wisconsin, he quickly discovers his sly manager may have had reasons other than rehab for sending him to this frozen tundra.

After a year of running from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Katie has returned to her hometown to care for her father, who’s recovering from a stroke. When Uncle Marcus calls in a favor, she reluctantly finds herself taking on a rancorous MMA fighter, broken at the height of his career. He’s insanely sex-on-a-stick hot—and everything she loathes in a man.

If Cole thinks his fighting days are over, he’s dead wrong. To save Katie from her past and to win her heart, he’ll be in for the fight of his life.


While cleaning out some notes, I realized I never wrote a review on this absolutely fantastic freaking book.  This book is probably one of the hottest if not one of the hottest books I read this year.   I realized I never wrote the review because I started the second book in this series.

Needless to say I am in love with Cole, he is an arrogant pompous ass that you just want to love and scream

“Why won’t you love me??”  Then you remember you are reading a fictional character and realize how silly you sound.  This was the first book I read by Price but I can assure you I will continue to read her books.

Also let me tell you, this book will make you want to go ice fishing… because if it is that hot… sign me up.

Sure this book has the same cliche as a lot of other fighter romance the girl is damaged and running from an abusive crazy ex and manages to find herself in the arm of a very capable fighter.

BUT I don’t care… this book is so amazing you will ignore the cliche.  I can assure you.