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Shining Rock by Blake Crouch


Summary: From the author of DESERT PLACES, ABANDON, and “Serial,” comes this short story which is an excellent and affordable introduction to the author’s work.

In “Shining Rock,” an older couple encounter a strange and menacing visitor during a camping trip in the North Carolina mountains. Friendly at first, this stranger seems to know them, seems to know their secrets, and as things escalate, they become convinced that they may never leave these mountains alive.

My Review: Wow this short story was fantastic. I was able to listen to it at work while working on a file. It is narrated by Luke Daniels who is a fantastic narrator.

When I started this story I went in thinking the story was about one thing but it truly turned out to be about something else.

I can’t believe the ending of this story. IT is such a short story I really can’t give too many details or I will spoil this story but I encourage you to go read this short story, because believe me it is so good.

Joyland by Stephen King


Summary: College student Devin Jones took the summer job at Joyland hoping to forget the girl who broke his heart. But he wound up facing something far more terrible: the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and dark truths about life—and what comes after—that would change his world forever.

A riveting story about love and loss, about growing up and growing old—and about those who don’t get to do either because death comes for them before their time—Joyland is Stephen King at the peak of his storytelling powers. With all of the emotional impact of King masterpieces such as The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, Joyland is at once a mystery, a horror story, and a bittersweet coming-of-age novel, one that will leave even the most hard-boiled reader profoundly moved.

This is a book I read a few years ago but it is still one of my favorites. It is also set in North Carolina and on my quest of finding a book set in every state I remembered reading this one. This is still one of my all time favorite books. I know it did not do well with some but for whatever reason this book spoke to me.