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Summer of #Giveaways! The Grudge DVD

Hey everyone, welcome to The Cubicle Escapee’s Summer of giveaways! I am going to be giving away a ton of fun prizes this summer, so make sure you like my facebook page for all the fun updates! Today I am giving away The Grudge DVD, this is one of my copies and let me tell you this movie terrified me in college.

I choose to give this movie away as it is set in Japan and I am all about watching movies or reading books that are set in fun place… now this movies scares me and makes me question going to Tokyo but this is sure to give you chills this summer!  (and yes I will of course go to Tokyo once I am able to make it there 😉  )

Enter the giveaway below and it is open to all my international friends! Thanks for visiting and good luck!

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Japan books

Two weeks ago I said I was going to start exploring countries through books two weeks a time.  I also said I was going to pick countries I plan on visiting during my RTW adventure I plan on taking in the near future.

The first country I chose to do for this challenge was Japan.

I spent the last two weeks reading as many books as I could set in Japan.  The following are the books I read & finished with my basic reviews.  Now that I have spent the past two weeks reading about Japan, I plan on spending the next two weeks finding books set in Australia.

Here are two books I found and started reading. I have included the image of cover, summary and a link to my goodreads review 🙂


Summary: An introspective journey into the glamorous world—and temptations—of Japanese nightlife, by former model Chelsea Haywood. The hard-drinking, drug-taking, all-night culture that dominates Tokyo’s Roppongi district can be a surreal place. Overworked Japanese business men will pay handsomely for the services of a hostess—someone to talk to, someone to provide hot towels and drinks, and sometimes just a companion with whom to sing karaoke with all night. Intrigued by rumors of this strange subculture and armed with her 90-day work visa and new husband, Matt, Chelsea throws herself into the lion’s den. Yet what she discovers about herself and about the inhabitants of this nocturnal life far exceeds her expectations.

Hostessing, she comes to find, has “very little to do with sex, quite a lot to do with psychology, and nothing to do with prostitution.” Her personality and conversation skills are her top commodity, and Chelsea quickly finds herself charmed by these billionaire men, many of whom are funny, intelligent, even kind, and often, very lonely. But as she becomes more and more attached to her clients, Chelsea soon finds herself getting burned at her own game, as the endless presents, compliments, and destructive atmosphere of alcohol and drugs threaten to take both her marriage, and her sanity, to the edge.

My Review


Name: John Rain.
Vocation: Assassin.
Specialty: Natural Causes.
Base of operations: Tokyo.
Availability: Worldwide.

Half American, half Japanese, expert in both worlds but at home in neither, John Rain is the best killer money can buy. You tell him who. You tell him where. He doesn’t care about why…

Until he gets involved with Midori Kawamura, a beautiful jazz pianist–and the daughter of his latest kill

My Review