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Flowertown by S.G. Redling


Set in: Iowa
Summary: When Feno Chemical spilled an experimental pesticide in rural Iowa, scores of people died. Those who survived contamination were herded into a US Army medically maintained quarantine and cut off from the world. Dosed with powerful drugs to combat the poison, their bodies give off a sickly sweet smell and the containment zone becomes known simply as Flowertown.

Seven years later, the infrastructure is crumbling, supplies are dwindling, and nobody is getting clean. Ellie Cauley doesn’t care anymore. Despite her paranoid best friend’s insistence that conspiracies abound, she focuses on three things: staying high, hooking up with the Army sergeant she’s not supposed to be fraternizing with and, most importantly, trying to ignore her ever-simmering rage. But when a series of deadly events rocks the compound, Ellie suspects her friend is right—something dangerous is going down in Flowertown and all signs point to a twisted plan of greed and abuse. She and the other residents of Flowertown have been betrayed by someone with a deadly agenda and their plan is just getting started. Time is running out. With nobody to trust and nowhere to go, Ellie decides to fight with the last weapon she has—her rage.

Flowertown is a high-intensity conspiracy thriller that brings the worst-case scenario vividly to life and will keep readers riveted until the final haunting page.


I am going to sum it up like this… I loved the HELL out of this book.  I laughed, I cringed and I went “oh hell no” on a number of occasions.    This book should be a lot more popular than what it is.

This world is seriously jacked up it is post apocalyptic and the people in “Flowertown” are subject to testing that will often result in their deaths.  Pretty much they were contaminated and if they had the pleasure of surviving that they were tested to find the cure.  It is way more complex than that but this is summing it up.

Then you have Ellie the psychotic, smart mouthed, pot head.  I loved the hell out of her character and seeing this world and the plot details from her point of view was so much fun.  There is also a scene with twinkies that made me burst out laughing while trying to listen to the book at my cubicle.

Yes I did listen to this book while I worked and on that note the narrator is amazing too.

This book is a fun post apocalyptic blast that will make anyone tap their e-reader as fast as the can so they hurry up and get to the end! Believe me!