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Documentary Review: Living on One Dollar

Typically I let my movie contributor Zach handle all of the movie related reviews.    However as I to love to watch movies and blog I am going to review this documentary.

The premise as taken from the website

Living on One Dollar is a film and journey that follows our own experience living on $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala.


I love documentaries and when I discovered that these guys went to my favorite country in the world I knew I had to watch this film.  It made me cry.  I love my beloved Guatemala, it is truly the country that changed my life in ways that I will ever be able to explain to anyone.   It made me cry because I remember seeing the extreme poverty and this documentary drove it home that it is still a very real issue in many parts of the world.

This is a fantastic documentary where you see just what it is like to live on a dollar a day and support a family something 99.9999 of American’s can’t even fathom yet a vast majority of the world lives this way.  It is a pretty short film but one that if you really let the message sink in you will have a very good understanding of what it is like to live and work in rural Guatemala.

While I only “worked” in rural Guatemala for a short time I did see the extreme poverty it hurts so bad knowing some know real hunger and it can make you question a lot of things, like volun-tourism. Which is why I was in Guatemala.   It makes you question if you can do more, it makes you think of your own countrymen who are starving.  If you see this in real life I don’t know how you can go on living without trying to change.

This was a very well done documentary that I highly recommend you watch.



Mayan Mendacity (Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth #2) by L.J.M. Owen


Summary: Dr Elizabeth Pimms has a new puzzle.

What is the story behind the tiny skeletons discovered on a Guatemalan island? And how do they relate to an ancient Mayan queen?

The bones, along with other remains, are a gift for Elizabeth. But soon the giver reveals his true nature. An enraged colleague then questions Elizabeth’s family history. Elizabeth seeks DNA evidence to put all skeletons to rest.

A pregnant enemy, a crystal skull, a New York foodie, and an intruder in Elizabeth’s phrenic library variously aid or interrupt Elizabeth’s attempts to solve mysteries both ancient and personal.

With archaeological intrigue, forensic insight and cosy comfort, Mayan Mendacity takes readers back into the world of Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth. Really cold cases.


My Review:  FINALLY A BOOK SET IN GUATEMALA!!!!!  I was really wanting a book that was set in Guatemala and I found this one and I loved it. I didn’t realize it was second in a series but I don’t think it took away from the story. It started off kinda weird and creepy **SPOILER** THEY KILL A DOG ugh I hate that and I almost stopped reading because of that, but I am glad I didn’t because our Mayan queen gets revenge.

I loved the story and the characters and I am very glad I stumbled across this book in Netgalley. The characters were delightfully complex and once I started getting into the plot I did not want to put it down. I would not put it down… in fact the book kept me up until 3am. Thank goodness I am between jobs now 🙂

I will continue reading this author and this series and I do plan on going back and reading book one as I feel the author has a style of writing I absolutely love.

Very well done novel