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Body & Soul by Jamie Loeak


Title: Body & Soul
Author: Jamie Loeak
Series:  The Chronicles
of Light & Darkness (#1)
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Aug 25 2012 (First Edition)
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook
A demon searches for
the source of his humanity.
Kate, the daughter of a lawyer and marine biologist, has
just moved to a small beach town in Florida. She’s forced to start over in the
middle of the summer, but is used to it by now, since she’s moved around her
entire life. When Kate meets Rico and Adriana on her second day at the beach
house, everything changes. Kate is introduced to the world of Light and
Darkness, and is thrown into the middle of it when a mysterious being attacks
her one night. As Kate’s nights continue to get weirder, her friendship with
Rico and Adriana grows stronger, and for the first time Kate has real friends.
When Rico sits Kate down to tell her what is really happening to her, things
start to click for Kate, and she is forced to make a decision to quit or fight
for her body and soul.
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Jamie Loeak is an
aspiring YA author. She has written and published her trilogy and continues to
work toward finishing the ideas for more novels that pop into her ever changing
mind. Jamie resides in Florida, where she is a middle school teacher. Finding
time for writing is difficult within the world of lesson plans, assessments,
and students; however, Jamie makes sure to make time for all of the things that
she loves in life, including her students, pets, and loving boyfriend. When
Jamie isn’t writing or grading papers, she is forcing her sister into photo
shoots or playing her guitar. Her current goal is to become a bestselling
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Crazy in Paradise by Deborah Brown


Set in: Florida
Summary: Dying in the Middle of Summer is Sweaty Business…

If you ever put yourself in trouble by picking up someone else’s past, you have to meet Madison Westin, an honorary Trouble Queen.

Madison is a quirky motel owner, who recently inherited her aunt’s beachfront motel in the Florida Keys. But that is NOT all she inherited, as the motel houses a slew of colorful tenant’s – drunks, ex-cons, fugitives, and whatever bad guy you can think of.

How to solve this mess…?
That is really not that difficult if you are Madison Westin.

Step 1: Take back control of YOUR motel

Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of blackmail, murder, and drugs

Step 3: If all fails, hope for the best…

Deborah Brown’s Crazy in Paradise is packed with Action, Romance, Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense. Oh… did I forget to mention the humor makes for a fast and enjoyable read? This book will be difficult to put down!

Well one thing is to be sure about this summary, the book is so funny you will NOT want to put this book down.  So I recommend not starting this book at 11pm.  I was up at 1am laughing my ass off at this book.

This may be a series for us Stephanie Plum lovers, I can’t remember the last time a book has made me laugh like this book.  The characters these situations… Madison and I have a lot in common.  I am someone that always gets into some sticky and trick situations, it is just a damn shame I don’t have a hot ex-SEAL like Zach to bail me out of the situation.

Sure some of the situations seem slightly not realistic, but that is the point of a fun beachy read, something that makes you escape from the “real world” and enjoy yourself.  The characters are well developed especially the back ground characters.   I can’t wait to see where the story goes, and I really really want something to happen to the lawyer… ugh.  No more spoilers here.


The story has some serious steam, but would you expect anything less in South Florida?  I am currently on book 2 and I can wait to dive into book three on my trip to the beach this week!

This book is a laugh out loud riot that will have yourself fanning yourself with plans on hitting South Florida in the very near future.