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My First Murder by Leena Lehtolainen


Country Set In: Finland
My Rating: 3.5 maybe 4. Torn over this one.

Summary: Twenty-three-year-old law student Maria Kallio is recruited for a temporary position at the Helsinki police department. Sweet-faced but tough and hot-tempered, Maria faces pushback from her new squad – so when a young playboy is murdered at his family’s summer villa, the new detective is out to prove herself.
Found floating facedown at the water’s edge after a night of partying, Tommi Pelatonen appears to have been murdered by one of his closest friends – but why? As Maria discovers, bitter passion and jealousy seethe under the placid surface of the group’s privileged, carefree lifestyle. As Maria uncovers the victim’s unsavory secrets, motives for all seven suspects come to light. Now it’s up to her to untangle the clues before the killer strikes again.

The first book in Leena Lehtolainen’s international bestselling Nordic crime series starring Detective Maria Kallio, My First Murder serves up murder with a slice of life in the Finnish upper crust.

Let me first say this was a good book, very good but slow at times, which is what kept it from being great.  I read the book in one sitting and I did find the book enjoyable, I can’t place what I didn’t like about the book.

I will read the next book though because the author does have a flair with words that will suck you in to this story.

The plot:  The whodunit is not easily solved, which I enjoyed.  I love when a story keeps me guessing almost to the very end, I figured it out about five pages before the “big reveal”.  This book had plenty of twist and turns that will keep any reader interested until the very end.

The Characters” Quickly developed, I found the main character believable but maybe slightly young for everything she has accomplished.   Then again maybe that is a Finnish thing?

Overall I liked this story a lot and I will continue to read the series, plus let’s be honest how cool is it to read a book based in Finland?

Recommended for those who want a quick mystery read that will transport them to Helsinki.