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Saturday by Ian McEwan


Set in: England
Summary: In his triumphant new novel, Ian McEwan, the bestselling author of Atonement, follows an ordinary man through a Saturday whose high promise gradually turns nightmarish. Henry Perowne–a neurosurgeon, urbane, privileged, deeply in love with his wife and grown-up children–plans to play a game of squash, visit his elderly mother, and cook dinner for his family. But after a minor traffic accident leads to an unsettling confrontation, Perowne must set aside his plans and summon a strength greater than he knew he had in order to preserve the life that is dear to him.

This has been an incredibly dull year as far as tackling life’s dreams. I have been pretty bored and often frustrated about the lack of my bucket list accomplishments and I realized that I have dreams on my bucket list that don’t require leaving the house. Read a book set in all 50 states, read every book on the 1001 books to read, watch every movie on the AFI Greatest 100 list. . .

Truth is, I have plenty of dreams that don’t always involve traveling, so when I have years like this one I really should focus on those.

So when I decided that I would start making a dent on the 1001 books to read list, I was surprised to learn this was number 2. This book is set in England and I figured since I am truly making an effort to make it to England next year this book was worth reading.

This book was interesting and beautifully written, I enjoyed the beautiful writing and I completely understand why it is on the list.  It deals with so many emotions and so many truths in life.

After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts


Purchase Link:After Wimbledon
Country Set in: Britain
My Rating: 5 stars

Summary: After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?

Roberts is quickly becoming one of my favorite British chick-lit authors, I find her stories quirky fun & fast.   In fact I often read the stories so fast I am sad they are over not because the endings are sad, but because the characters that I quickly started to love are gone.

This story was not any different.  Can I say I just LOVED Sam!  He was a dreamy and well perfect.  It is a darn shame that man is fictional.   I loved him immediately.

Lucy was lovable too, although there were times I wanted face palm and scream why.  At the same time my agitation was the sort of agitation I would give to a close friend when the do something dumb.  Her family is an utter train wreck and her mother made me sick, but she was lovable and believable.  She was also kind hearted.

Joe? Ugh.  He doesn’t deserve much more effort than that.

I am not really that huge into tennis, but I do love watching Wimbledon.  It is the only time I watch tennis (gasp I know) but after reading this I can understand why.  I am not sure if the author has first hand knowledge of this event or not but I do feel like she was doing a great job giving us a behind the scenes account.

Needless to say I started reading this book and was finished with it a few hours later, this was a fast paced read and I was sad when the story was over.  The characters were just that well written.

I also recommend the Dr. Pepper Prophecies by this author.  I gave that book five stars as well


What I watched this weekend

This weekend was a pretty low key weekend.

First a slight confession, why have all my plans just been thrown out the window for 2015?  I recently found out that I need eye surgery.  My vision is horrible and has steadily gotten worse over the past year, it turns out that I have a cataract in both eyes.  I am 32, and there is not a cause for my cataracts.  It just happened.  which is odd and incredibly rare.

I do plan on writing a full post on this in the future but for now I am just mentioning it.

Anyway, why does this put a damper on my plans for 2015?  My insurance is horrible, while I am fortunate to have health insurance my total out of pocket cost is coming to roughly $8,500.  Which I don’t just have sitting around somewhere.  Soooooooooo I am being a grown up and staying my happy butt at home and saving money for the surgery which I hope to have on my left eye in June and my right eye in July.

While I am starting to get some serious stir fever I will say boredom has led me to watch some pretty interesting TV shows, which brings me back to the topic of this post.

What did Jen watch this weekend?

I have been on a HUGE Jane Austen kick lately.  So I figured I would watch some some Jane Austen themed movies and TV-shows.

So before I really get into the copious amount of TV I watched let me get this out of the way, my Jane Austen kick has not been good for my travel-lust.  I have never been to England but due to the vast amounts of TV, this has led me to pretty much tell JMM…. we need to go to London.  like now.

JMM has agreed, as long as I get my eyes fixed.  🙂

So without further ado, what did Jennifer watch this past weekend?


Not Another Teen Movie.

Mom and I had just bought our advance screening tickets, and were in an Avenger’s kick. Me having a slight obsession crush on Chris Evans I really wanted to watch Captain America The Winter Solider, but alas I did something to the blu-ray player and well this would not come to pass… so what do I do?  Watch another Chris Evans movie, mom had never seen it, and we laughed a lot.  It is absolutely hilarious that the main character would grow up to be Captain America.   You just never know.



Lost In Austen

I couldn’t sleep, like at all this weekend.  So when I came across this series for about $5 on Amazon prime I went ahead and bought the season (before you start getting on em about money I have a gift card balance on Amazon).  This was delightfully addicting.  I enjoyed every minute and it got me to thinking, what if something like this would occur?  If one event changed what would have been the outcome of the story.  This was a very cute & short miniseries, that I know I will be able to watch in the future again and really enjoy.  Not to mention if you have seen the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice I promise you will find this hilarious and one scene in particular will make you laugh out loud.  Promise.  Don’t worry I won’t spoil for you.




Sense and Sensibility

Last month when I read this story I enjoyed it.  It wasn’t my favorite but I did enjoy the story.  It was a nice insight into the Regency era and the choices made.  Plus it seemed the most relevant today.  How often have you heard about a person not getting their inheritance because of broken promises?  This was a charming movie and I really enjoyed watching this cuddled up with my little puppy Splinter.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 

This was fun.  A lot of fun.  It takes a very modern and fresh twist on the classic love story.  This wasn’t quite what I expecting but as I started watching I really started to enjoy it.  It is on youtube so no reason to purchase like I did, but I did enjoy the v-log approach. I also will say that it was nice to watch on Amazon because it grouped the videos together, vs having to watch one at a time.  It was a very fresh and modern twist, and I can see why it won an Emmy.   I loved this series and will watch again,

So there you go, that is my weekend round up of what I watched.  I am thinking about giving Mansfield Park a go soon.  I am not sure just yet, but I can tell you seeing all these movies in the lush green country side of Britain is making me want to pack a bag grab my passport and head out… after I get eye surgery of course.

What did you watch this weekend?  What should I watch next?