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Review: The Indian Detective (Netflix)

AS everyone knows I am constantly trying to find books, movies and TV shows that are set somewhere fun. Imagine my delight when one day I was browsing Netflix and came across this gem.

Guys this show is funny. I could not stop laughing. It is not very PC and yes I feel guilty for laughing at some of the jokes but come on the main character is Indian and constantly makes fun of his heritage but at the same time embraces it (something a lot of us will do, I mean I am Texan and I make fun of Texans…for example). The main character is a Canadian who’s family is from India. He is a cop in Canada and pretty much gets suspended over a pretty hilarious situation. His father lives in Mumbai and has a health issue that results in our main guy going to India.

What unfolds is him finding a very gorgeous Indian attorney he states that he is a detective in Canada (he isn’t) and solves a murder. From there is a laugh out loud TV show that has you going all over Mumbai and solving some serious international conspiracies.

It is a short miniseries only 4 episodes and each one will have you laughing at the situations and just how silly the show is.

I mean come on the show has William Shatner in it. (I met him once, it was one of the most overwhelming moments of my life)

I absolutely loved this show and I really hope they make another short 4 hour miniseries. Also I have to admit after watching this show I have found that once again India is creeping up on my “must go” list.

So if you have four hours of your life to spare I highly recommend catching this laugh out loud show on Netflix.



Country set in: India

Summary: American call-center manager Todd (Josh Hamilton) is shocked to learn that his company is shutting down and moving its operations to India. He is told that he will be heading the transition team and training his counterpart in Mumbai — a task he dreads. While initially baffled by Indian culture, Josh eventually begins to get along with his new coworkers, and, with the help of female staffer Asha (Ayesha Dharker), he learns to appreciate his new surroundings.

This is a film that I watched when it first came out and loved it from the very beginning. India has always been one of those destinations that utterly terrifies me, but the older I get and the more I want to spread out and try new places the more I am itching to give India a go.

If I was going to sum this film up I would say this film is a must watch for ANYONE that wants to go to India. I believe the writing and acting is on par.

Culture Shock is real, but while the traveler may be the one culture shocked, the native is too. A prime example of this was when the main character Todd said he was not married, the host said she should be a grandfather by now. It made me smile.

I also loved how Todd changed and grew while he was in India. I am a firm believer that travel makes you grow, especially when you travel to a location completely out of your comfort zone. Travel makes you grow and throughout the events portrayed in the film he grew.

I love this film and I can watch it over and over again.

Plus you get to see Holi in all it’s glory! How awesome is that?

Eat Pray Love


Set in: Italy, India and Indonesia
Summary: At a crossroads in her life, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) travels to Italy, India and Bali to discover meaning and happiness in this inspiring true story, based on the best-selling book.

I read the book prior to watching the movie. I liked the book a lot, but I did love the movie. I am a visual person and seeing Italy, India AND Indonesia is way better than reading about them. I just can’t wait until I physically get to experience all three.

One of the things that made this movie fantastic is that it is a true story, Elizabeth Gilbert said it F it and took off to find herself in three countries that challenged her in different ways. I have some serious respect for anyone that does that.

Doing just that is a huge dream for me and believe me someday I will do just that but not this year, this year for some stupid reason I decided to get “checked” out health wise… so dumb but hey at least I will be able to finally see when I go to Italy.

What I loved about this movie (and the book essentially) is that each destination brought new challenges and perseverance. Plus before I watched this movie Indian terrified me and I never had any desire to go to India. Now I will go and can’t wait to go.

This is another movie with bad reviews but it is still a great movie to inspire wanderlust, or watch from home when you are totally depressed you can’t go anywhere.

Did you like Eat, Pray, Love?