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A-Z Title Challenge

I discovered this challenge and thought it would be a lot of fun for 2015.

The challenge is simple, read a title that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Care to join me? Feel free to track my progress in the reading list page.

M- Mr. Kiss and Tell, Veronica Mars Book 2
Z “

My 2013 Fall Reading List

Sooo. My first book list went ok… I didn’t finish it, my biggest issue was starting other books.  All in all I read 23 books this summer, and only half them came from my list. 🙂  This season I decided I am going to be ALL about finishing series that I have started but have not finished.  That is the goal this season.  I want to get caught up on unfinished book series.   Plus I have a bad habit of starting new series prior to finishing the old 🙂 It is time to finish what I started and finish all these series this Fall.  My list is huge, so I may not make it through all of them, but given it is Fall and that is the start of the best time to curl up with a book and a drink.  Game on 🙂


1. 50 shades Freed
Honestly I am not a fan of the first two books (I know that will shock about 50 Gazillion women out there) but honestly the books are eh to me, but as I am sick of hearing people lecture me about not finishing the series.  I plan on finishing it.  Plus I need to know before the movie comes out.  If I go see it.
2. Allegiant
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3. Bud’s Christmas Wish
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4. Reborn
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5. Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid Series book 4)
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6. Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid Series book 4)
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7. Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid Series book 5)
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8. Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid Series book 6)
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9. The Lunatic Cafe 
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10 Bloody Bones 
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11. The Killing Dance
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12. Burnt Offerings
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13. Blue Moon
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14. Obsidian Butterly
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15. Narcissus In Chains
See number 9
16. Cerulean Sins
See number 9
17. Incubus Dreams
See number 9
18. Micah
See number 9
19. Danse Macabre
See number 9
20. The Harlequin
See number 9
21. Blood Noir
See number 9
22. Skin Trade
See number 9
23. Flirt
See number 9
24. Bullet
See number 9
25. Hit List
See number 9
26. kiss the Dead
See number 9
27. Reached
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28. City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4)
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29. City of Lost Souls (The MOrtal Instruments #5)
See number 28
30. City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)
See number 28
31. Torment (Fallen #2)
I really loved the first book, but like always I got sidetracked and started to read something else.
32. Passion (Fallen #3)
See number 31
33. Rapture (Fallen #4)
See number 31
34. The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner #2)
The first book was interesting but due to me having to read a million books at once I have put the rest of the trilogy on the back burner. thanks to SDCC I have heard it gets better so we shall see.
35. The Deathe Cure (Maze Runner #3)
See number 34
36. Dead in the Family (Sookie stackhouse #10) Read
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37. Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11)
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38. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12)
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39. Dead Ever After
See number 36
40. House of Hades
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Summer Reading

I have a lot of plans coming this summer, so needless to say a lot of my free time is going to be getting caught up on all the nerdy shows (that is tomorrow’s post) and reading… a lot! With San Diego Comic Con, a trip through the Midwest, Florida then a cruise in November, I am pretty much grounded on spending. I may take a road trip here and there, but that is a big maybe.  I will be pinching pennies pretty much until Christmas.

So I decided to make my summer book & Movie/TV watch lists. It is time to read those books I thought about reading & those must see nerdy TV shows or movies. Especially since I am most likely going to be laying out by the pool enjoying the sunshine the majority of my summer 🙂

Those who know me know I read a lot, and I try to read as often as possible. It is a nice mental escape for when I can’t “really” escape.

I have an Ipad mini, and it is perfect for grabbing those Kindle books and reading when I have down time. (which is often right now  (sadface) ) Links are included to check out, if you are interested, I know I am!!

anyway I have been asking around and looking at new books to come out, and I have my summer reading list. I can typically read 2 books a week as I read often before bed, or out of boredom and I really do get a joy out of reading. So these are the 20 books I hope to read before Labor Day!

So without further ado My Summer book list:

1. Joyland (Hard Case Crime)
– Stephen King (Stephen King, Carnys and Crime oh yeah baby
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2. Bad Monkey
– Carl Hiaasen
Read my review of Bad Monkey

3. The Heist: A Novel
– Janet Evanovich
Read my review of The Heist

4. The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific
– J. Maarten Troost (this book is pretty well read in the travel Community & I think I need to read it too)

5. Blood Yellow
– Ashley Nemer
Read my review of Blood Yellow

6. The Lost Consipiracy
– Frances Hardinge (stumbled across this YA Fantasy, which is often my favorite genre)

7. Prodigy: A Legend Novel
– Marie Lu (I read Legend, and I need to read book 2, this summer is a good time to read it)

8. Psych’s Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified
(I love Psych & Totally didn’t know this existed ha!)

9. Second Honeymoon
– James Patterson.
Read my review of Second Honeymoon

10. The Bridges of Madison County
– Robert James Waller- to prepare for my Midwestern Road Trip

11. The Passage: A Novel  Finished June 20, 2013
– Justin Cronin – (heard a rumor it was optioned by Ridley Scott, so now I need to read it 🙂 )
Read my review of the passage

12. The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America
– Bill Bryson (A travel book based in America, not something common in the travel world)

13. Throne of Glass
– Sarah J. Maas
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14. Into the Wild
– Jon Krakauer (another travel book I have read a LOT about, and decided it was time to read)

15. The 5th Wave
– Rick Yancey (heard good things about it, gonna have to give it a go)

16. The Madman’s Daughter (Madman’s Daughter – Trilogy)
– Megan Shepherd
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17. Undead
– Kirsty McKay
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18. Storm (Elemental)
– Brigid Kemmerer- (I am always good with a series)

19. Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)
– Marissa Meyer
Read my review of Cinder

20. Under the Never Sky
– Veronica Rossi (another series book that has been on my list)
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As you can see, I love fantasy, dystopian  books (which is all  the rage right now thanks to the Hunger Games!)  I am sure I will get through these quickly, and I am open to suggestions!

What is on your Summer reading list?