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Everything I read and watched to prep for my trip to Chengdu

So I leave for Chengdu today and I wanted to share with you everything I watched and read to prep for my upcoming trip.   So maybe I can encourage you to go to China.

First up, the Food Ranger… omg sweet sweet Trever,   I am in love with his YouTube channel.   He lives in Chengdu, loves to eat and travel.   I am only going to share one of his videos with you because I feel he is a must watch on YouTube so you need to head over there asap.   This man might actually be responsible if I end up in Malaysia in the very near future… JS.

Huang’s World.  I am not sure if you guys are into vice but I love this dude.   He is a must watch and I love how he digs deeper into culture especially considering that this is in fact his culture.  #LoveHim

When it come to travel bloggers I have a few that I always search to see if they have been to a certain place I am traveling to. At first my favorite bloggers didn’t have much on Chengdu, then Lee Abbamonte spent Christmas in Chengdu and as always wrote a pretty comprehensive article on visiting.  He visited everything I am planning on visiting so it was nice to see an article on this.

Christmas in Chengdu, China

While Katie no longer blogs (SUPER SADFACE I adored her perspective on travel plus we are close to the same age) She wrote a comprehensive article on volunteering with the pandas.  I chose to do the paid quick photo opp route due to my limited time in Chengdu but I absolutely feel this is a way to cut costs and give back.

How to Volunteer with Pandas in China

Anthony Bourdain.  You can watch the episode on Netflix and it is hilarious and 100% responsible as to why I am going on this trip.   I am not a foodie but I am excited to try one bowl of spicy noodles and a hot pot (although I had hot pot in Beijing).

You can read the trip report article on CNN here

Click the link below to read the book I read on Kindle Unlimited to give me an idea of what I can do in Chengdu.  It was a very informative book that gave me a lot of insight into the trip.

So there you go the main sources I used in my Chengdu research.  I hope this encourages you to book a flight to Chengdu (or China in general in the future) aside from the smog it really is an amazing adventure.

Things people do not tell you when you start planning a RTW adventure

It has only been three short months since I decided I am tired of pursuing the American Dream and ready to pursue my dream.  It has been an absolute insane few months trying to streamline my life and make sure I am set up to travel comfortably long term.

I have been toying with the idea of this for years and when I finally decided it was time, the light at the end of the tunnel started to show itself.   There are things that have started to happen that I didn’t really realize would happen. Some are great, some are not so great.  So here are a few things I have noticed in the three short months since I started planning this.

If you hate your job, you will really start to hate your job that much more.
I hate my job.  Like Really. Hate. My. Job. Every day I have to remind myself that once my debt gets paid off I will be able to save money and get on the road. I also have to remind myself that this job is needed to get on the road so I need to suck it up no matter how often I get pissed at work.

Saving money is work.
I say this with air quotation marks, mostly because I am so dedicated to getting rid of debt that I am turning down so much so I can have fun in the future. Dreams require work and I didn’t get in debt overnight (well actually I kinda did… but that is another story) and debt will not disappear overnight either. I am constantly budgeting, checking my accounts, researching ways to boost savings… I am constantly focused on my budget.

You will realize how quick you can save money with a few adjustments.
Well this is often something you read from bloggers I made a few changes and was able to save X amount of money. This is true, I made a few changes and just like that I saved 1k. A few changes really can make a difference.

It is hard deciding where you want to go.
Truth is I am not even at this stage, but I am already dreading it. Every day I find something new that I must do, and truth is I am not excited about picking and choosing where I want to go. I am really dreading this.

You will have to find balance.
When I first started this, I was staying at home, forcing myself to live paycheck to paycheck and I would sweat the bottle of water I bought. I also turned down getaways and all sorts of things. I am not leaving next year, and when I do decide to go I will really tighten down, but right now I am trying to find balance so I don’t go crazy. Sure I need to pay down debt and save money, but at the same time I need to live too. If you planning on leaving in a year, sure you may need to tighten down, but if you are like me and your departure date is between 2-4 years you can live a little (not much) but a little less stringent.

As always comment below with your advice. I promise I am going to update this blog with travels, I know my blog has been a hodge podge of mess, but this year has been a really weird year for me I am really hoping to get back on track with adventures, very soon.

Featured Image Credit: TravelShows.com

Taking the RTW Plunge

I am going to take a RTW trip…

…. not for awhile but I have decided  I am at the point in my life it is time to step out of the dreaming stage and start planning.

I am not going in the next year or two years, I have a LOT of things I want to take care of like debt, saving money, setting up finances so I can make sure I am set when I am on the road.

As I am starting my plan, significantly in debt & with zero savings I am in the very beginning stages but I am excited that I am finally taking the plunge. Like others before me, I wish I was in the circumstance that I could leave tomorrow but for many factors that I will share in the future that is not my certain circumstance.

As I have plenty of time, I am going to share posts about how I am saving, what I am doing, how I am reducing debt and how I am planning. I am also going to share what I have saved, what I did and give you my united miles count & Marriott points count. I think I am going to hoard my points for splurges on the road but knowing me, I will likely cash them in.

As this is my first post about my plans I don’t have much to report except that I am planning on taking the plunge and taking off to explore the world to pursue a dream.

So where do I start?

Make a list of things I would love to do on my trip.

Make a budget to pay down debt.

Start saving money just for this trip.

I just made my plan to start the debt pay down and saving money. Let’s hope it is successful, I have opened a money market account and I am going to start stashing cash away into that account so I can also earn some interest while I am saving. I also have my other travel account that I am currently saving for other vacations.

I am prepared to live tight but not at the sake of sacrificing life in general. Once my debt is paid way down I might reevaluate this statement, but for now I am going to be aggressive but not to the point I will have a mental breakdown. Once I have no debt then the trip really feel like a reality but for now I am going to be aggressive but not loose my sanity. I know this is not for everyone, but this is what I need. Once my debt is gone, this is when I will set the official date of departure, I have some dates I am toying with, but not really ready to make any formal announcements just yet.  I feel it will be easier setting my date once I am debt free.

I am also making a list of things I want to do on each continent, I think part of the fun is planning, and that is what I am going to do I have plenty of time.  My main goal right now is to establish savings and pay down debt.

Please share what you did in the very beginning stages of RTW trip planning? I am open to ideas & suggestions

Feature Image Credit: Image was taken from Camille in Wonderlands