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The food in Chengdu… ya’ll.

Guys as you know I am not a food person.   I often joke if there was a way to stay healthy and not eat I would likely be that way… in fact I am the worst to travel with because I rarely budget in food breaks.  hahaha.   People who travel me are often like “Yo Jen, can we please eat?”

I am also one that doesn’t venture out and eat anything other than fruits and veggies when I travel.

Except in Chengdu.

Guys the freaking food in Chengdu is by far the best food I have ever had.   In fact, I am still trying to master Dan Dan noodles.   I have dreams about those noodles ya’ll.     The best I had were in a random restaurant in Leshan.   Check out my insta for all the food photos I can share this week!   This is just a small sampling of the food in Chengdu… every corner has 6 restaurants all offering amazing food that will make your food dreams come true.   I was really worried it would be over the top hot but I was truly able to handle it!  So delicious and I can’t wait to get back!