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Review: The Indian Detective (Netflix)

AS everyone knows I am constantly trying to find books, movies and TV shows that are set somewhere fun. Imagine my delight when one day I was browsing Netflix and came across this gem.

Guys this show is funny. I could not stop laughing. It is not very PC and yes I feel guilty for laughing at some of the jokes but come on the main character is Indian and constantly makes fun of his heritage but at the same time embraces it (something a lot of us will do, I mean I am Texan and I make fun of Texans…for example). The main character is a Canadian who’s family is from India. He is a cop in Canada and pretty much gets suspended over a pretty hilarious situation. His father lives in Mumbai and has a health issue that results in our main guy going to India.

What unfolds is him finding a very gorgeous Indian attorney he states that he is a detective in Canada (he isn’t) and solves a murder. From there is a laugh out loud TV show that has you going all over Mumbai and solving some serious international conspiracies.

It is a short miniseries only 4 episodes and each one will have you laughing at the situations and just how silly the show is.

I mean come on the show has William Shatner in it. (I met him once, it was one of the most overwhelming moments of my life)

I absolutely loved this show and I really hope they make another short 4 hour miniseries. Also I have to admit after watching this show I have found that once again India is creeping up on my “must go” list.

So if you have four hours of your life to spare I highly recommend catching this laugh out loud show on Netflix.

Documentary Review: Living on One Dollar

Typically I let my movie contributor Zach handle all of the movie related reviews.    However as I to love to watch movies and blog I am going to review this documentary.

The premise as taken from the website

Living on One Dollar is a film and journey that follows our own experience living on $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala.


I love documentaries and when I discovered that these guys went to my favorite country in the world I knew I had to watch this film.  It made me cry.  I love my beloved Guatemala, it is truly the country that changed my life in ways that I will ever be able to explain to anyone.   It made me cry because I remember seeing the extreme poverty and this documentary drove it home that it is still a very real issue in many parts of the world.

This is a fantastic documentary where you see just what it is like to live on a dollar a day and support a family something 99.9999 of American’s can’t even fathom yet a vast majority of the world lives this way.  It is a pretty short film but one that if you really let the message sink in you will have a very good understanding of what it is like to live and work in rural Guatemala.

While I only “worked” in rural Guatemala for a short time I did see the extreme poverty it hurts so bad knowing some know real hunger and it can make you question a lot of things, like volun-tourism. Which is why I was in Guatemala.   It makes you question if you can do more, it makes you think of your own countrymen who are starving.  If you see this in real life I don’t know how you can go on living without trying to change.

This was a very well done documentary that I highly recommend you watch.



Review: Into the Badlands

Alright I admit, this show is currently on Season 2… and I am way late to this party, but better be late to a party then never show up.  Am I right?

I am a huge lover of all things The Walking Dead, so when I missed a couple of episodes while I was in China I had to watch on the AMC app.   The app was constantly advertising this show Into the Badlands and me being a huge TV nerd I had to investigate and see what is up.

Guys, this show is so damn legit.  Like I am obsessed with this show.

Here is the premise we are in some society or alternate reality (I can’t decide which) where guns are outlawed and barons have taken over.   Are these barons nice??? uh no.  They are brutal badasses that have these warriors that are bad ass working for them.

One of these bad ass warriors has the cheerful name Sunny.   The story pretty much chronicles around Sunny and his shenanigans that he finds himself in.

That is a very dumbed down version of this TV show, this show is in fact so much more that once you start watching you will not want to stop.  The fight choreography and cinematography is awesome.   The story line will keep you engaged and you will not want it to end.   You will love the characters and have a tough time hating the bad guys.  Also, are the bad guys really bad??? You will have to decide because this show will keep you guessing and give you a hell of a fun ride the entire time you are watching.

First season is on Netflix, so if you stream Netflix you really don’t have an excuse.  It is a damn good show that will keep you highly entertained.

Review: Netflix 13 Reasons Why

This review is by my movie review contributor Zach A.  You can like his facebook page for all things movie related


“Incredible.” If I had to use one word to describe this 13 REASONS WHY, it would be incredible. If I got to take it to one sentence, I would say, “One of the best things that Netflix has ever and will ever produce.” And Netflix has a bunch of original programming now so when I say that don’t take it with a grain of salt. This entire 13 episode run (not confirmed yet for a season two but I hope to God that they don’t do it) is a masterpiece in all sense of the word. A masterpiece in storytelling. A masterpiece in acting. A masterpiece in direction. A masterpiece in emotional substances. Not one single scene is unnecessary and I don’t think I could even cut out one line of dialogue. This series is so great that I watched it within a weekend and it is still with me even though it is over.
If you have no clue what this series is, get your head out of your ass and listen. It’s about a girl named Hannah, who before killing herself, records 13 reasons why she killed herself over 7 tapes (one reason = 1 side of a tape with 7B being blank ((that is important later)) each episode is one reason and so on). These tapes are left at the front door of one of her closest friends Clay, and when he starts the first tape, she says that whoever is listening to the tapes right now, their name is eventually a reason for why she killed herself. Clay, being distraught and ultimately confused on why he would be on these tapes, goes through each side to figure out why Hannah did what she did, and what he ever could’ve done to drive her to suicide.
It’s a depressing and haunting premise, but one that just walks that thin tightrope of being interesting but not too depressing. There really are no twists to Hannah killing herself. She is dead, so don’t see her magically pop up at the end stating that everything is okay. This is a sucker punch to the gut (especially her hard to watch death scene) emotional roller coaster ride. Usually high school dramas don’t fare unnecessarily well. To prove my point, can you name a high school drama (NOT A COMEDY) that has stood the test of time and you remember quite well? Maybe Stand and Deliver? Certainly not Dangerous Minds (if you think Dangerous Minds is good I’ll argue to the moon and back on that). Well folks, this series is it. This is the one to remember. This is the high school drama that actually gets it right. It feels real every step of the way and should be required viewing on anyone entering or in the middle of high school.
This isn’t just some preach “please don’t kill yourself” type of series. It isn’t just some preach “please don’t bully people” series either. This is a no holds barred realistic high school experience. These characters feel real. Kudos to Katherine Langford as Hannah and Dylan Minnette as Clay. They need to be nominated for this because their acting is so incredible it devastated me at times completely. Not just them, but all the supporting players (too many to name and I don’t want to spoil the series) are incredible too. This series makes after school specials look viciously bad, so bad to the point that this series should just be shown in its place from now on.
And the series doesn’t just do the kids perspectives, it does the adults as well, and gets their interactions with their kids right on point. This series is scary. It’s scary in the fact that it is realistic to the point of utter heartbreak. But like I said, it walks that tightrope. It’s gets really depressing but balances it with lighter moments, enough where you will cry but want to bask in its brilliance while doing it. A masterpiece. I already want to watch it again. If you have Netflix, watch this immediately.