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Happy National Blackberry Day

Did you know September 12 is National Blackberry Day?

As someone who loves picking blackberries, I figured I would share some of my favorite Blackberry pictures from my time in Guatemala.

Enjoy the pics why I go and track down some blackberry jam!

Guatemala 64

Guatemala 56

Guatemala 57<
Guatemala 58

Guatemala 59

Guatemala 60

Guatemala 61

Guatemala 62

Guatemala 63


Foodie Friday

I am always looking for fun small places to eat.

I have also lately been trying to venture out and eat other international cuisines besides Mexican and Italian.    After having amazing Thai food with my mother I figure I would give a local Plano, Texas Thai place a go.

I went to Jasmine Thai Cuisine and it was fantastic.

I had the Thai Basil Fried Rice.  Seriously give it a go it was fantastic

photo 1 photo 2

If you find yourself in Plano and craving Thai swing by


Jasmine Thai Cuisine

1116 W. Parker Rd
Plano TX 75075

If you are lucky like me and work within 5 miles they deliver.

food. food. and more food.

“I went on this cruise last week and the food was AMAZING.”

When you talk to some one that cruises often, they often talk about the food.  Not the BEAUTIFUL destination they went to, but the food. True Story.

As Americans, when we plan travel we often plan the food.  I know I do.  I get excited about all the food I am going to get to try.  I am finally going to branch and out and try something exotic.

Well on this trip I didn’t, but not from lack of food.

I don’t really have that type of relatinship with food.  I am in by no means a foodie, and I often joke if I could get everything I needed from an IV I would do that and not eat.

Now that being said.  I did eat on this cruise and I did eat a lot.

So if you ever go on a cruise, be prepared, very prepared to eat. 
Here are pics of some of the food I was able to try on the beautiful Carnival Magic.  Key word is SOME of the food.

The amazing Mongolian Wok, where you make your own, and an amazing cook, cooks it up for you!














Have you been on a cruise? What did you think of the food?