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Back to Work Style: My 5 Go To Products

I have made it through two weeks of working. Prior to working here I have always had a casual job. I could wear jeans and t-shirts and truth be honest I never wore make up while I was working in claims. (I mean I was on the phone and claimants did not care what I looked like only that I was handling their claim) That being said my current job is very face to face, I greet people when they walk in the door and impression is everything. It is also a business professional environment.

So needless to say, I had to buy some basic items that were affordable but durable so I could survive at work and essentially fake it until I make it type of thing.

Reflecting on that, I have constantly used these 5 products pretty much every day. They are durable, high quality, versatile and affordable. All are less than $100 except for the Marc Jacobs bag (hint the bag is often at TJ Maxx if you are on a budget like me).

Living broke the past year has taught me that high quality and durable far out weighs something that will fall apart after a few washes. So I am really trying to focus on saving and buying quality now.

I have an obsession with Marc Jacobs hand bags. Actually, I love handbags period. I like unique pieces that can add flare to any outfit. I bought this particular bag in cement as it is a very neutral color that will go with just about every outfit. This bag can also carry a LOT of stuff, which is fantastic because I have been carrying a lot of stuff.

The Lauren Conrad blazer is fitted and affordable if you are in a bind and need a business professional blazer for an interview. (I literally bought this the night before my interview because I was scrambling for “business professional” wear)

I love Cargo Picture Perfect foundation because A: They have a perfect match for my very fair skin and B: is buildable and a little goes a very long way. Plus BONUS the product is cruelty free.

I love Pur waterproof mascara because it is allergy season (I am allergic to pine) and my eyes run. No smudges here. This make up lasts all day. Once allergy season is over I will switch to their other formulas. This is my favorite mascara line. I LOVE THEM.

DVF heels. I bought these and I love them. They go with anything and have the perfect heel. They are also super versatile and I can wear them with almost anything and I have.

So these are the products that have helped me survive my first week.

Trunk Club Box 2 Review

I received my second trunk a few weeks ago, I know I should have posted this much earlier but my life has been very chaotic, but I made a widget so YOU can shop the look if you want 🙂

While shopping is not 100% in my budget right now I am 100% enjoying Trunk Club as it is giving me a chance to shop amazing looks that I do enjoy, plus my stylist Stephanie is on point with my look and what I love. Now that I work in a business-y environment I have to dress the part right?

Trust me if you sign up with Trunk Club you want Stephanie, click here and my referral will make sure you get her as your stylist. 🙂

My two favorite items in this trunk was the Top Shop dress and the Landen Sandals by Steve Madden. I loved everything except the Eileen Fisher leggings, normally I love her but these made me itch so not a fan but I have sensitive skin so they might work for you 🙂

These were all fun items, that I encourage you to consider as they are very stylish.  The J. Crew skirt was sent to me in blue and I admit I sat on that skirt for 3 days before sending it back because I loved it so much 🙂


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Product Review: Yes to Blueberries

I love when I discover a new product from my favorite cruelty free brands.

So the reality of my life is I turn 35 this week… which is half way to 70… which means I really need to use age defying products now. 🙂

That being said I am always on the hunt for great affordable cruelty free products that take care of my skin. I have started working again so I am back to wearing make up (gasp) so I do need a daily routine that keeps my skin from breaking out but keeping it young fresh.

I think I have found a fabulous day cream. I am still on the hunt for a night cream. Although, YOU CAN use this product at night too.

I found the texture of this product smooth and the smell is pretty fresh. Thankfully no burning (yes to carrots some of the products have a tingling sensation that turns my skin pink).

I am not sure but I even think my skin tone has a dewy texture right now but that might be the make up? ha!

Overall I give this an A on the Jen’s Beauty scale. It is super affordable and very easy to apply. Plus it uses natural products and is cruelty free. Give this one a go, it is never too early to worry about anti aging products. Click the link and you can order it now.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I tried Trunk Club and LOVED it…

As I have stated on this blog before I took a career break.  While that was amazing it is certainly time for me to go back to work.   Now that I have a new job and my financial situation is going to change I thought it would be fun to give Trunk Club a go.

I signed up and was quickly assigned Stephanie as my stylist.  We talked via messenger and discussed style & budget (as it is very limited right now) and she told me she work on my trunk.  Within a couple of hours I received an email to review my trunk.  I reviewed my trunk & loved it so I approved it and it was quickly on the way.

Once I received the trunk I opened it and tried everything on.  I loved everything but only kept one item.   Here is what was offered to me in my first trunk.  Click the pictures if you want to check the items out for yourself.


I admit when I saw this top in my trunk I wasn’t sure about it, but when I tried the top on I absolutely LOVED it and this was the one item I kept


Ironically, I have had my eyes on these shoes for quite some time.  I normally wear a size 7 in Steve Madden but when I tried these on, I could not get my wide toes in these shoes.  I was pretty sad, so these went back, but I requested that a 7.5 be sent in my next trunk.  I really want these shoes 🙂

When I saw these I LOVED them, in fact I was pretty positive I would keep these.  When I tried them on though… my feet looked horrible.  I have no clue why, but I was pretty sad and sadly these went back.

I loved this shirt but my mother works for a T-shirt company so when it comes to basic tees I have a hard time every buying them.  So while I loved the way this felt on, I sent it back.

Ok, this blazer fit me perfect.  It was a perfect fit.  Problem is I just bought a black blazer and currently the $178 price tag was too steep.  Sadly this went back, but on my feedback I requested different colors to be sent.


I love love love jeans.  In fact, I wear jeans even in the 110 degree Texas heat.   Since I was trying to find fun things for work I sent these back… but side note :  J-crew jeans do in fact work my body type.

Sadly, this was a “yikes” and immediately came off.   I am way too busty for this top and this top made my small frame look 20 pounds heavier.   Notice the model looks great though.  Oh how I hate that.


This top was not bad.  I just didn’t love it.  I am really only trying to buy things that I absolutely LOVE so I decided to send this back.


So there you go, my first trunk.  I had so much fun with this trunk that I requested another trunk be sent to me.   I haven’t received it yet, but I promise I will give you an update.

Curious to try Trunk Club?  I have a referral link here it is fun to try and it isn’t every day you can get a personal stylist.  Also if you use my link you get Stephanie, and guys she listens.  She has nailed my style from my VERY first trunk and my second trunk is even more in tune with my style.  Use my link just for that reason alone.

Have you tried Trunk Club?  What did you think?


Disclaimer: I do receive $50 for each referral through my link, once you make your first purchase.  Using this referral link is no cost to you and once you set up your own Trunk Club you will your own referral link to share!