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My Summer WISH LIST! Yes I am serious about the Unicorn Float…

I admit I love shopping even though 99.9% of the time I stop myself but I do want to splurge from time to time.   I am always online browsing especially lately because well to be honest I am bored sometimes at night.  (working nights remotely is so lonely, everyone is ASLEEP!)

I decided I would share the products that have stuck with me and the ones that if I find myself with extra cash I will probably buy 🙂

The Unicorn float… yes yes yes I know silly Jen.   I am in love with this float and to be honest I am probably going to buy this for pool days with my mom this summer.

The ASOS tote is something I have had my eyes on, I love how bright and cheery it is!  I think it is perfect for summer!

The Brita Water bottle is something I am probably going to buy asap.   I do hot yoga and I feel like SUCH a freaking loser when I bring a water bottle in to class.   I mean it is so bad for the environment and I should be ashamed.

The Osprey bag is water resistant and to be honest I am probably going to buy an Osprey back pack soon anyway.   I am taking a 12 day trip to the Caribbean at the end of the Summer and I really just want a simple bag I can walk around with and this is the one I keep coming back to.

I LOVE the bracelets at NOVICA especially these Guatemalan bracelets,  I am pretty positive I will buy these on next payday.

The Burberry sunglasses are a pretty big splurge but I had a pair that I bought end of season a couple of years ago that I was absolutely in love with, sadly they are no longer with me and I have wanted another pair for quite sometime.

The Crocs water shoes I will buy before I go to the Caribbean.  I am planning on chasing a lot of waterfalls and I really need a pair of water shoes.   So far these are my favorite 🙂

I love the beach cover up by Ralph Lauren 🙂

I am getting pretty obsessed with all of the beach towels by The Beach People and if  I do get to work as much as I am hoping this summer I am going to splurge and buy this towel as I am in LOVE with it!

 So there you have it! 9 items that I am planning on adding this summer (well probably not the sunglasses 🙁 ) !   What are your must haves this summer?

October Trunk Club Review

Hey everyone, I just got my new Trunk and while I loved everything in the trunk it did not love me 🙁 Trying stuff on can suck man.

That being said everything was super trendy and stylish that you can wear year after year.  So what was in my trunk this month?

I was so excited to try on the Free People cardigan, like SOOSOO excited except it looked horrible on me.   A lot of fashion bloggers are wearing this and it looks fabulous on them so I don’t get it.

Then again most of the items I felt looked off on me.  So maybe I was in a bad fashion mood?  I am not sure.

The Free People V Neck sweater I LOVED though, it is so soft and going to be perfect for winter… I mean the five days of Winter Texas is likely going to have anyway.

I will love wearing it everywhere, especially when I cuddle into the couch and catch up on my reading list.

Overall, the trunk was certainly in the scope of my personal style I just did not like how most of the items looked on me.

So it went back.  🙁

The holidays are coming up and it is time to find those perfect party dresses,  so I think I am going to start hunting for that.    I am not a big “I must party hard during the Holidays” person but I will have a few events this year that attendance is mandatory so it is time to find those perfect outfits.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Back to Work Style: My 5 Go To Products

I have made it through two weeks of working. Prior to working here I have always had a casual job. I could wear jeans and t-shirts and truth be honest I never wore make up while I was working in claims. (I mean I was on the phone and claimants did not care what I looked like only that I was handling their claim) That being said my current job is very face to face, I greet people when they walk in the door and impression is everything. It is also a business professional environment.

So needless to say, I had to buy some basic items that were affordable but durable so I could survive at work and essentially fake it until I make it type of thing.

Reflecting on that, I have constantly used these 5 products pretty much every day. They are durable, high quality, versatile and affordable. All are less than $100 except for the Marc Jacobs bag (hint the bag is often at TJ Maxx if you are on a budget like me).

Living broke the past year has taught me that high quality and durable far out weighs something that will fall apart after a few washes. So I am really trying to focus on saving and buying quality now.

I have an obsession with Marc Jacobs hand bags. Actually, I love handbags period. I like unique pieces that can add flare to any outfit. I bought this particular bag in cement as it is a very neutral color that will go with just about every outfit. This bag can also carry a LOT of stuff, which is fantastic because I have been carrying a lot of stuff.

The Lauren Conrad blazer is fitted and affordable if you are in a bind and need a business professional blazer for an interview. (I literally bought this the night before my interview because I was scrambling for “business professional” wear)

I love Cargo Picture Perfect foundation because A: They have a perfect match for my very fair skin and B: is buildable and a little goes a very long way. Plus BONUS the product is cruelty free.

I love Pur waterproof mascara because it is allergy season (I am allergic to pine) and my eyes run. No smudges here. This make up lasts all day. Once allergy season is over I will switch to their other formulas. This is my favorite mascara line. I LOVE THEM.

DVF heels. I bought these and I love them. They go with anything and have the perfect heel. They are also super versatile and I can wear them with almost anything and I have.

So these are the products that have helped me survive my first week.

Trunk Club Box 2 Review

I received my second trunk a few weeks ago, I know I should have posted this much earlier but my life has been very chaotic, but I made a widget so YOU can shop the look if you want 🙂

While shopping is not 100% in my budget right now I am 100% enjoying Trunk Club as it is giving me a chance to shop amazing looks that I do enjoy, plus my stylist Stephanie is on point with my look and what I love. Now that I work in a business-y environment I have to dress the part right?

Trust me if you sign up with Trunk Club you want Stephanie, click here and my referral will make sure you get her as your stylist. 🙂

My two favorite items in this trunk was the Top Shop dress and the Landen Sandals by Steve Madden. I loved everything except the Eileen Fisher leggings, normally I love her but these made me itch so not a fan but I have sensitive skin so they might work for you 🙂

These were all fun items, that I encourage you to consider as they are very stylish.  The J. Crew skirt was sent to me in blue and I admit I sat on that skirt for 3 days before sending it back because I loved it so much 🙂


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.