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My Best Disney Adventures

Summer is fast approaching and I know many of you will be heading to the Happiest Place on Earth soon.  Disney is a very popular destination in the summer and I thought I would share some of my favorite moments at Disney.    I will share some tips and tricks that will make your trip magical, because I am not going to sugar coat it, Disney is CRAZY in the Summer and with proper planning it can still be fabulous.

So here are a few of my favorite moments.

  1.  Meeting the 7 dwarfs

I waited for about three hours to meet the 7 dwarfs and boy was it worth it.  You can meet them during Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party and the Christmas Party.  Be prepared to wait hours.   I had so much fun though, so it was totally worth the five seconds it took to get this shot.

Riding dinosaur, like every single time.

Sure the picture is NOT the greatest, but that really isn’t the point here. The ride is in the dark, dinosaurs are coming at you… this ride makes me giggle and scream at the same time, which is why it is always one of my must rides.

Meeting Meeko.

He is my favorite characters. I LOVE MEEKO… like really love Meeko. So when I had the chance to meet him and get this photo I was giddy, plus he was a fun character to meet. He is rare but if you get the chance you MUST meet him. It was total luck that I met him.



The first ever 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom, one more day Celebration, you can read about that entire experience below.  I may have had a serious melt down, but it was truly one of the coolest things I have done at Disney.

So you want to spend 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom?

Going on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The price tag is steep, but man this trek is so awesome and I had SOOOO much fun.  I would do it again, hands down.


There you go, just a few of my favorite Disney experiences.  With a little planning I promise you will have a truly magical time at Disney.


What are your favorite Disney experiences?

Castaway Cay…

I was recently going through my photos and I quickly realized there are a lot of things I never really talked about on here even though I did them.  SO I went on a Disney cruise awhile back and I realized I never actually talked about Castaway Cay, also known as Disney’s Private Island.

Sadly, the island wasn’t really for me, I didn’t sign up for any shore excursions or anything as I just wanted to explore the island.  I should have completed a lot more research because I could have run a 5k… that would have been fun.

you live you learn…

Also, I have to admit I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but I will say the beaches were of course, beautiful the island is incredibly easy to get around (they have trams) and if you want you can run a 5k.  🙂 Run Disney is huge after all.

Here are a few of the photos I have from this island.   I do mean a few photos sadly I went through a stage where I truly was not the greatest at snagging photos, but thankfully that trend has passed.  Also I got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow, shame we didn’t run away on the black pearl 😉

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Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot

This past December I managed to make it to Disney (shocker I know I go often) and when it was time for me to plan what I wanted to do, I decided it was time I went on the Behind the Seeds tour.

A little back story.  The Land pavilion is probably my favorite pavilion (aside from the world showcase) at Epcot.  I can spend a lot of time inside that pavilion.  I love Soaring, I love the quick service food and I especially love The Land ride.

Like I really love that ride.   Let me repeat I really really love that ride. 

I can’t explain why I love it, it is a slow moving boat ride that takes you through the green houses where you learn about the process and what Disney is doing to make a difference in the world.   You learn about crops, growing processes and how we can make a difference.  The ride is about 12 minutes long and it is safe to say I will ride it multiple times on every Disney trip.  It is not really that exciting but for whatever reason it appeals to me.

So I decided it was time to really dive into my favorite ride and learn about the processes.

I am going to cut to the chase, this was one of the best tours I have ever been on.  My tour guide (I believe his name was Mark, I feel so guilty because I forgot his name, but I do remember he was from a farm in South Dakota and was an intern) was one of the best tour guides I have ever had at Disney.  He was passionate, knowledgeable and very up beat and patient.

We had an elderly man on the tour who was hard of hearing and in a wheel chair.  This man often asked questions that the guide had just explained and not once did our guide get impatient or rude.  He answered the questions and even went into more detail with the elderly guy.   I can’t stress enough how amazing that was because I am guilty of loosing my patience from time to time and I don’t know if I would have been as patient.

The tour is a walking tour and lasts just over a hour, it takes you through the green houses and you even get to try some of the food from the pavilion.  (although if you eat at Epcot it is safe to say a lot of the food comes from here anyway as the food is often used in the parks)

They also pride their selves on working towards being a zero waste facility, which is pretty amazing.

I learned so much on this tour, I could honestly dedicate an entire post to everything I learned, but I want you to go on the tour and not be spoiled so I won’t do that.   I will say that what they are doing is amazing and I really wish it could be done on a grander scale as I do feel they have a way to end world hunger, but after research I have learned that the process is very expensive.  It is a shame because they way they are able to produce food quickly and in large quantities it could end hunger.

I may share another post in a few weeks about what I learned if you are curious, because it was nonstop information from the start of the tour.

Photos coming in a future post!



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