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I have to talk about what happened last night in my city

The violence this past week has broke my heart, last night I went to bed heart broken because of all the violence and that a lot of my friends on facebook felt they needed to post a status stating why they are good people.

Then last night happened. People died. Again. Specifically police officers died, clearly in a direct attack specifically  an attack targeting officers.  I got on facebook, and saw the hate start all over.  Not condolences, one friend even said the cops deserved what they got, yesterday, there were people who said the man in Falcon Heights deserved it.  Seeing this hate broke my heart.  Why did these people deserve to die???  I really don’t understand why it is so easy to hate.  I just don’t.

So I wake up with a broken heart again.

This violence has to end, and we the people need to work together to make it end.  This is not me being political, this is me being human.

This is a week my country celebrated their independence. We celebrated our freedom. I love Independence Day, as a child it was the holiday I looked forward to as a kid. I love living in a country that has so many freedoms, I do not however like living in such a violent country. I am not naive, I know there is violence everywhere but lately America has had an issue with violence and then people supporting the violence.

I know these are events that do not necessarily mean the norm, but we do now live in a society where another shooting has become the norm and this saddens me. We joke at work, that the latest event is the “snap of the day”

America we must stop snapping.

Black lives do matter, but so do police officer lives. SIMPLY PUT ALL LIVES MATTER, whether you are black, white, Asian, Persian, Christian, Buddhist, Gay, Straight… human. Your life matters.

Where is the activism for ALL LIVES MATTER… why does it have to be us vs them… or them vs us. We have become such a polarized nation we feel as if we have to choose a side in this… do we choose African Americans or do we choose police officers??? That isn’t right.  I choose life. You should not have to apologize for being black, you should not have to apologize for being a police officer, you do not have to apologize for being gay, you do not have to apologize for being a Muslim, you do not have to apologize for being a Christian.  I have seen so many apologize for who they are, good people apologizing because of who they are.  You were born this way.

Hate is learned.  I truly believe this, I do not believe you are born to hate.  If we were born to hate the world would be a much worse place.   Why is it so easy to hate, but not offer a hand to help out fellow human?  Why is it so easy to turn a blind eye to those in need?  Why is it so easy to justify violence?  I do not understand this.

We must stop being so polarized, we must stop choosing sides. We MUST CHOOSE LIFE.

Simply put, if you value life then I truly feel you will always choose talking peacefully prior to pulling the trigger.  It will be so much easier to work things out if you view that person as a human.  It shouldn’t matter if they are black, white, a cop, a hooker, gay or Muslim.

I want to say from the bottom of my heart, my condolences go out to every single person that has lost their life to violence, and your life matters and do not apologize for who you are.  Just live. 


Headliner image taken from:  Lennar.com

Sugarcane Juice is quite refreshing

It is absolutely no secret I am not a foodie type of gal.  I eat to survive but I am not one that will google “Best places to eat in Chicago.”  I do not like eating weird meats and animal products in general, so when it comes to food when I travel I just focus on what I am going to do vs where I am going to eat.  That being said, when I go to festivals I really try to venture out of my comfort zone and try something different.

(side note, I annoy everyone I love because I never know where I want to eat, nor do I care)

I do however love eating anything vegetarian or vegan.  I love fruits & veggies.  I love plant based foods because to me they taste best and often after eating them, I feel my best.    So when I went to the DFW Dragonboat festival imagine my surprise when I discovered sugarcane juice.


In short, it wasn’t nearly as sweet as I anticipated, but at the same time, it was quite refreshing.  I also love that it was not a dairy based drink but fresh pressed juice.

It was a ton of fun watching them make it.  They literally pressed the sugar cane & squeeze the juice out.  It was highly entertaining (at least to me but I am easily entertained).  I thought cane was really hard but this machine made it into mush.  I am pretty sure I giggled, but again I am easily entertained.





the end result???  Cold, refreshing, yumminess.



I highly suspect sugar cane juice will taste way better in Asia, and that is a theory I can’t wait to try out.  Have you had sugarcane juice?

Walker Stalker Con Dallas

This past Sunday my mom treated me to Walker Stalker con… and let me just say it was a blast!!!

Comic cons have become such a fad that often when I go to con I am having to shuffle through crowds, getting yelled at by security for god knows what, waiting in two hour lines, honestly my desire to go to comic con is further proof I am a lunatic because who the world wants to wait in a line to meet a person??? I do.  Obviously.


So imagine my immediate delight when I realized that the typical con experience would not occur at Walker Stalker con.  It was calm, organized and a total blast.  I was not getting yelled at by security for taking photos, I was able to walk around freely and I was able to enjoy con with my mom with no drama.

I will go back next year. 

As the title of this convention would indicate it is a Walking Dead themed con.  I am very new to the Walking Dead bandwagon, but I have quickly become a fan! Don’t spoil anything I am just now about to start season 4!!!

Still I was excited about meeting two people.  Emma Bell because I am HUGE Dallas fan #BringDallasBACK and the governor.  Mom and I walked araound and came up to Emma Bell, no one was at her table so I quickly went up and struck up a conversation.

She is AWESOME.  Seriously, not only is she beautiful she was amazing.  She complimented my eye shadow, which I admit threw me for a  minute, I have never been complimented by a celebrity, please give me a minute while I stoke my ego. . .

Ok I am done, but I am pretty sure I will be talking about the time Emma Bell said she liked my eye shadow for the foreseeable future…

I learned she is about to have few indie films out (count me in!) and that she is upset about Dallas too!!! Seriously way to leave us hanging TNT!!!!! She has am immediate fan because she was beyond nice and down to earth which I always love seeing in a celeb.


Seriously!!! how cute is she?

Afterwards mom and I went and grabbed some pop corn, we sat in the Breaking Bad panel for a bit and we have decided it is time to start watching Breaking Bad (I know, bad nerd) but there is just way too much good TV and just not enough time to watch it all!

Mom and I had already gotten our tickets to meet the governor, (mom was seriously excited!!! I love when she gets excited about meeting a celeb, last time I saw her that excited was when we met Danny Glover) and got in line.  We waited maybe 20 minutes and it was finally our turn.

I just got a picture, I didn’t have anything to get signed.  Mom bought an awesome drawing of “The governor” and got that signed.   I took my picture, he was awesome.  He was tall!! I had my 5 inch boots on (I was trying to look like some awesome zombie slayer… cause you know they totally wear boots!) and he was still taller than me.

It was my first big nerd moment of the year, and the perfect way for me to kick my con season off!


Who are you hoping to meet in 2015?  Have you had your first nerd moment of the year?

Meeting Ron Glass

A couple of weeks ago I went to Dallas Comic Con, my main purpose of con was to meet Nathan Fillion and to snag as many signatures as I could on my very stellar Firefly poster my love bought me.


I didn’t bring my camera as my main goal was to get through as many lines as I possibly could and get as many signatures as I could so the photos from the event are not the best quality, but still memorable nonetheless.

I will have my meeting Nathan story soon but for now let’s talk about Ron Glass.

After I made it through Ms. Torres’s line I noticed that Ron’s line was practically non existent, so I took the chance and jumped in line.

We spoke about S.H.I.E.L.D and of course missing Firefly. I was able to get my picture with him & let me just say he is a fantastic edition to the celeb’s Jen has met book.