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17 months and counting…

As usual this post is late.

You know one thing I am learning about having a long time period before you go abroad long term is the planning is so much fun, especially when you want to go every where.

Anyway this month is not very different from last month.   I really am trying to focus on VIPKID by taking work shops & learning about teaching a younger audience.  I am also trying to work as much as I possibly can in June, July and August.

I also went ahead and created a LinkedIn because I read it is a great way to find teaching jobs abroad.   My profile is very basic right now, I need to take a pretty picture and all that for my profile.

As I said last month the month was about getting on a schedule and getting caught up.   I am 100% caught up and thankfully I can start saving again.    Now that I have joined the ranks of digital nomad I am not as crazy about the number I want to save so let’s just say now my goal is to save as much as I can while I am here.   I don’t really have a number anymore.  (So that is something that has changed from my first post) I am just going to save as much as I can & when my date gets closer re-evaluate.

I still have not finished my TEFL and I have decided that I am going to have a couple overnight this month and finish it.   I really must have that certificate or no one is going to hire me abroad.   I also want that on my profile with both VIPKID and Linkedin.

Rumor is July & August are crazy busy with VIPKID and I am mentally trying to prep to work every day with a full schedule to get as much money as possible.    If I can pay off my car over the course of two months I am going to do it.   (it is not that far fetched which is CRAZY to me!)  I am just not sure if I can keep up that pace we will see and I am going to try.  I will have a two week break at the end of the Summer so hopefully that means I can mentally suck it up and do it.  No rest for the wicked am I right?

I am still casually selling on Poshmark but haven’t quite been as active I am hoping to get back to doing that.    I am now just going to leave everything in the account and cash out every few months and add to my savings.   I am hoping to get back to selling on there soon.

Next month I am going to start my savings roundup posts back up so that way you can see how I am doing it and maybe be encouraged to take a travel leap someday.

All in all not a very eventful month just trying to build my base at VIPKID and organize my life which I finally accomplished (Also something I learned… when you work all night and sleep all day you really never spend money ha!)

Shows I am currently binging?   The New Girl, The Expanse, Death in Paradise and Arrow.   I rotate based on my mood.

Favorite movie last month.

The Avengers. Duh.

Favorite Book-  everything I read was pretty dull to me.    Nothing is standing out to me.  I am reading a book right now that is TRULY a rock star book that I will be sharing soon.

Still looking for books set in St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Thomas… send them my way if you know of any!

Until next time,

Ciao babes!


18 months and counting….

So I have reached month 18 and finally my luck has turned around a bit.   I have started a new job that allows me to work remotely from literally anywhere I can get an internet connection.

I am so excited about this opportunity that I am going to share every single detail in the coming weeks.   That being said I am finally back on track with my goals.

So first up this month my goal is to pretty much get caught up on some things.  Fortunately I didn’t dip too much into savings because I have been very careful but I do want to start saving again.

Now that I have a job that I can literally work anywhere in the world I can technically pick up and leave at anytime, but as I have said in previous posts I have obligations that must be taken care of first.  Once those are done I may move my leave day up a bit.   For right now I am sticking with this.   The good news is I don’t have to quit my job or worry about where my money is coming from when I get on the road.  (I still want to save though 🙂 )

I realized this month that you can’t always seek forgiveness from people who you have hurt and while that is hard it is something you have to accept, if that person blames you for everything you have to let them.    Cut all ties and move on, and try to learn from your experience.

I have also learned what true happiness feels like and I am so grateful for that.  Sometimes you have to cut everything off in your life and start over to rebuild a better you.   I am working on a better me, which is why I have pursued job options I knew would make me happy.  One of my biggest regrets in my life is jumping into a claims job when I didn’t want to do that because I was told I wouldn’t be good at my chosen job.  I should have taken time and pursued my passions. I also was told constantly I wouldn’t like traveling to certain places even though I knew in the deepest parts of my soul I would.   I believed them.  Ha! no wonder I was so unhappy,  I betrayed myself.  I was so unhappy, now I am not.  It was a hard lesson to learn but I have learned it and I finally accepted I can’t change my past and my mistakes but I can move forward with a new fire and pursue my dreams.  🙂

So what is the point of saying all of this?  Pursue your passion and stop listening to the negativity.   I can’t tell you how many times I gave up on something because I was told by people “I loved”  I would not be good at that, or I couldn’t do that, or I wouldn’t like that.   It made me one vindictive bitch who was very negative in every aspect of her life.   I hated her.   I can’t change who I was but I know I can be the person I was  before I let everything get in my way.   It is the biggest breath of fresh air I have had in years.

SO let go of the negativity and be you.   🙂

So yeah end soap box.

This past month was pretty boring so I don’t have much to share but I am hoping NEXT month I can start my savings posts back up and get back on track.

Cheers Everyone!

19 months and counting…

Hey everyone!

This post is a little late this month MOSTLY because I have been busy trying to streamline and get my life back under control.  As most people in my life know I am literally a tiny bull in a China shop so things like this often take much longer than they should.

This month I focused on attempting to find a way to streamline my finances and make sure I get things taken care of like I need to.  Mostly my few remaining debts and my dental work.

That being said when you have no income that can make these two goals hard.

I thought I had a little time before I had to worry about my dental work but of course that wasn’t the case.    Fortunately after a lot of research and shopping around I found a very affordable option to see a dentist and get dental work taken care of.   I plan on writing a full post on this very soon because believe me I know how stressful being uninsured can be and I want to help you the best I can.

So as far as a recap/countdown goes I don’t have much to report except I have been doing ok selling on Poshmark so that helps with my financial situation but there is absolutely NO room for anything extra.

I have completed about half of my TEFL and I am going to really try and get it finished this month.   I really want to have that certification asap so I can start teaching and getting valuable experience as my leave date draws closer.

I am hoping to start a YouTube channel soon, I have been a bit addicted to YouTube lately and I am hoping to start one.   I do not have a date on this just yet.

No savings updates this month but I am hoping to start those back up this Summer as think my money situation will change.

I didn’t read ANY books this month but  I am hoping to read many more this month.   I am currently reading The Last Empire by Brandon Sanderson.   This books has been on my to be read shelf for well over 2 years and I am loving it so far.

My favorite Netflix show this month was The Indian Detective.  A laugh out loud show that will be reviewed on this blog in the next few days!

My favorite Netflix movie was Radius which I will not be reviewing on the blog but I feel this movie is worth watching.   It is so good.   I picked it out as I thought it was going to make the bad Netflix list but I actually really enjoyed it.  My super picky brother loved it too.

What are my plans this month?

I am going to start making lesson plan files.   I really want to have a large database of lesson plans I can pull from when I teach abroad so this is something I can start working on now.

I am going to finish my TEFL.

I am going to start my dreaded dental work.

I am also going to go back to my “cooking around the world” goal, I am going to pick five countries this month and find recipes.  Wish me luck.

So not the greatest recap but at least I feel much better than I did the last two.

Yes the feature image on this post is of my fursibling Splinter.  Hahaha.  I am home a lot so I spend a lot of time with Splinter and Pepper as you can probably tell on my instagram.


20 months and counting… and gaining perspective

OK I admit when I wrote this post  I was still pretty bitter about getting fired, but at the same time it felt damn good giving my side of the story.

It also made me realize that as my best friend Stacie puts it.. “time to shit or get off the pot”   Why am I always taking jobs that I am not suited for?  Why do I never jump and pursue my passions.

Truth is I dream to travel and I dream to have a job where I can work remotely.

So that is what I am pursuing and for the first time in life, I am excited.  I am excited to job search, I am excited to do what I want and pursue passions.   I finally feel like I am living and pursuing what I want.

This past month was AMAZING and I will be writing lots of posts.

Other than that not much to update on, I am still hunting for the perfect remote job and I am hoping to land one this month!