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The Beijing Subway, it is easier than you think

We put using the subway off.  We should have started using the subway from day one, it would have saved us from walking miles and miles and miles.  Seriously, pretty positive we walked a marathon every single day 🙂

Anyway, we finally decided to take a chance and try the subway out and realized it is very user friendly and if we go back to Beijing we will certainly use it from day one.

For starters, everything is in English… so you don’t have to memorize characters. It is also color coded which is very easy to use.

All you do is get a card from the counter, put a 20 yuan deposit down, pay 20 Yuan and get to riding. SOOOOO easy. If you need to reload it, you just use the machine, click reload (yes they have English as an option)  and be on your way.

The only tip I can really recommend is that every major station has 4 points, one for each corner of the road. Make sure you know which on you need, it makes a huge difference.

Also make sure you have your passport on you, we went through a few security check points and had to show our passports.   I am not sure if this is a regular thing in Beijing but I can assure you we had to show our passports more than once while in China, so while I am an advocate for leaving your passport locked up and safe 90% of the time, China is a place where you should keep your passport on you.

Also rush hour is jammed, like the whole city of Beijing is on the subway I swear so make sure you are ready to face those crowds.

When I go back to China I will utilize the subway a lot because while I enjoyed walking around Beijing I ended up loosing a toe nail from all of the walking so next time I will use the subway, it is not hard.  I promise.

Oh one last thing, take a picture of your stop just you remember the name, I confused a lot of stops.  It was not a big deal as I obviously made it back every night but this will make your life much easier.

Have you used the Beijing subway?  What did you think?



Absinthe and squat toilets

I have been very bad about not posting lately.  I am going to try and get back into blogging the crazy that is my life and I figured the best story to get back in the mix of it is this one.

So I tried Absinthe for the first time in China.   It typical Jen fashion it was hilarious.

No I didn’t hallucinate or at least from what I remember I didn’t.

Oh my.  I typically have a strict do not over drink rule when I am in a foreign country.  I like to keep my guard up and I like to make sure that just in case I get into trouble I have a clear head.

So why did I not follow this rule?  Cause this shit creeps up on you and the next thing you are hunting for a squat toilet at midnight walking back to your hotel.  More on that later.

We found this little quaint bar in a very trendy Hutong neighborhood.  The original plan was to get dessert hang out and call it an early night.    All I really remember, from this place is they showed the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on repeat and they served absinthe.

and oh! they call marshmallows cotton candy.

I browsed the menu and I looked at Zach (he was with me in China) and said “Dude they have absinthe here”  While absinthe is no longer illegal in the US, you don’t really see it in bars in Dallas.  He had never tried it and I had never tried it, so hey why not try it… right??? Right. 

We ordered a round and the girl brought it to us with sugar cubes and lit it on fire.    We blew out the fire, smashed up the sugar and took the shot.

and it went down easy…. too easy.

In hindsight, this is why my ass had to use a squat toilet. (again more on this later) 

I received my dessert and after about 15 minutes I looked at Zach and said “I don’t really feel anything do you?”  He didn’t.

I thought it was odd, because I have ZERO tolerance and often have a pretty decent buzz after one glass of wine.  So I was a little shocked I didn’t feel anything.

So hey we are vacationing, let’s order another round.

and another…

and another…

and another…

You see where I am going with this?

Around midnight, I am sure in what was a very sexy slur… told Zach I was ready to go back to the hotel cause I was really tired from walking all over Beijing that day (really I was just drunk) so he paid the tab and we started our mile walk back to the hotel.

We were laughing and talking about just how amazing Beijing was and that Absinthe sneaks up on your ass…

When suddenly I had to pee… bad.

See here is the thing, this is not my proudest moment… but I refused to use the public restrooms in China… ahem the squat toilets.

I know.  I know.  Shame on me but I was terrified of them and while it is not my proudest travel moment I avoided them and would hold it all day.

Well I could not hold it and I got over that fear at midnight in a random hutong in Beijing China.

Sad thing is, I didn’t even see the Green Fairy.


If I was you, I would go to Mutianyu

If I was going to recommend a section of the Great Wall I would recommend Mutianyu.  The section is beautiful and lacks people.

In fact, I was asked if I photo shopped a picture of me on the Great Wall because there were no people…  I mean there were people obviously but not crazy crowds

Plus this section is a bit fun, you can take a ride up to the tower of the Great Wall and then take a toboggan down if you are feeling adventurous.   I didn’t choose this route, because truthfully by time this week day came around I was beat & sore… very sore.  I chose to take the cable car both up and down (once again I was reminded just how out of shape I am) If you are super fit, you can hike your happy bottom all the way to the top and back down again, just make sure you give yourself ample time to do this… because this restored section of the wall is large… like really large.  It is hard to explain you really do have to see the Great Wall in person to understand just how impressive it is.

I can say, that if you are wanting to go to a fun section of the Great Wall this is your section.

If you like cable cars?  This is your section.

If you are wanting to go to a restored section of the Great Wall with less crowds?  This is your section.

I am so excited to have knocked another thing off my constantly growing bucket list, but the Great Wall and China were my number 1 bucket list item… so I guess I can die a happy chick now.

Have you been to the Great Wall?

Stay tuned for my favorite Great Wall photos 🙂

Things I learned in China

Now that I am back home & able to reflect on my trip, I have come to the realization that everything I thought I knew about China, was likely wrong.    I did years of research, in fact, one of my memories today on Facebook was when I originally planned my trip to china 6 years ago, so it is safe to say, this was a trip that took 6 years to plan and finally take.

I had some pretty hilarious moments in China, I had one annoying moment that would have been scary as hell had I been alone, and I even did something that is considered insulting… So many things I wish I would have known prior to my arrival in China, so today I want to share with you.

This trip was remarkable and I am positive I will talk about my trip to China the rest of my days.  It is a country that I hope to return to in the very near future, because it had that large of an impact on me.

So what did I learn exactly?

The Great Chinese Firewall is not a myth, I knew about it prior to my arrival in China, but I did not realize that google was part of that firewall… so my thoughts of using google maps to walk all over Beijing fell through, I had a VPN but it did not work, which brings me to my next lesson.

It is NOT easy getting reliable wifi in the Hutongs.    We did a lot of research and we felt like we should easily get internet while in China, hell our hotel HAD internet… but it was not reliable.  We later realized that getting wifi in general was not easy in the hutongs and decided to take it as a good thing and we digitally disconnected.    We did find lots of free internet when we were in the financial area, which also has a lot of western hotels, so that might be a problem for you if you stay in that area.

Beijing has an interesting relationship with food.  Guys, it is no secret I am not a food person.  If I could just tap an IV and keep hustling I would, most people in my life find that crazy, but I never really think about food, unless it is cupcakes… I always think about cupcakes.    Anyway, I digress.  Food. Is. Everywhere. In Beijing.  I am serious, restaurants, food vendors, people eating street food in front of you.  I have never in my life been to a place that seems to celebrate food the way the people of Beijing do, so if you are a foodie, I feel Beijing is an absolute MUST for you.

Blue skies do exist in China.  In fact, the skies were so blue the first couple of days, I even thought the pollution was a myth.  It isn’t, the city is crazy polluted and I have never experienced smog like that, but apparently the Northern Winds do blow the pollution out and you can experience blue skies.

crazy blue skies right?

About flip flops….

Yeah don’t wear them, or do.  I mean I guess it doesn’t matter… I wore them and probably 1 in 3 people would stare at my feet.  It was really awkward.  I have a complex about my feet anyway… come to find out, it is frowned upon to wear flip flips in public.  Knowing that now, I am kinda humiliated that I did not do a better job researching what to wear in China.   I can assure you I will not make that mistake again.  People would point ya’ll then start talking in rapid fire Chinese… about my feet.  Granted I did not understand them, but I know.

The rickshaw drivers are relentless and scandalous.  We took one rickshaw driver that was fascinating and legit… we took another that was an absolute scam.  I will write about that scam in another post… because had I been alone, that would have been a terrifying moment and I don’t want others to fall victim.

Good luck getting a legit cab near any tourist attraction.  Cabs are dirt cheap, cabs from the airport were less than 15 bucks and a typical cab ride cost less than 5 bucks… unless you take one from a tourist attraction and then it is not uncommon for the prices to triple.  If you want to negotiate cabs go for it, but typically just walking away from the attractions gets you a better rate.

Don’t book a Great Wall tour before you arrive.  It is SOOOOOO much cheaper to do it in Beijing, they are fighting for your business and yes they take you to the jade museum, but truth be told it isn’t that bad and only lasts 30 minutes.

The lessons I learned in China were valuable and I can assure you that next time I go to China I will leave my flip flops at home.  China is an amazing country that I feel you really need to give a chance.

I learned that 400 million Chinese play tourist in their own country every year, but only approx 4 million foreign visitors visit China every year.  This country truly is a gem that if you are not going, you are missing out.  I can honestly say I have never felt more safe in a country in my life and I can’t wait until I book my next flight back.  I absolutely LOVED China.