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Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin


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Country Set in: France, Turkey

This book caught my eye as I was searching for book set in “France”.  It caught my eye because the premise of the story is about an Islam girl who falls in love with a Jewish man right at the peak of Nazi occupied Europe.  It intrigued me because with all the negativity surrounding Islam  it was a firm reminder that hatred of some time has always been present historically.  That is a topic to be debated for another day, but I would be lying if I didn’t explain why this book interested me.

Honeymoon For One by Beth Orsott



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Country Book is Set in: Belize

As I have stated previously, I am on a mission to travel the world via books & movies this year.  Belize is one of my favorite countries so when I stumbled upon this book I figured I would give it ago.  Even though she was accused of murder and the story gets a little crazy this book is making me itch to get back to Belize.

The second reason this book sucked me?  That cover.  I would much rather be doing that than working claims. Just Saying.

The brief synopsis Lizzie was left at the alter but instead of tucking her tail between her legs like most would do she took off and went on her honeymoon alone.   She meets Michael who offers to play “pretend husband” and well when he ends up murdered well that is when the shenanigans begin.

As this is a country I have been to it was nice to hear how the main character wanted to go diving, snorkling and cave tubbing… all things that are worthy of doing in Belize.  This is a reason why I love reading books set in a location I want to visit.

I found Liz very refreshing she may be a little naive but at the same time I can’t blame her for wanting to have a person play husband at a “couples resort”  that plan goes awry when she meets Jack, the hot scuba instructor.

Scandalous you say? Oh that is just the beginning. 

Without a doubt I loved this book, I devoured the book in a day.  It had a little  mystery, a little steam and whole lotta fun.   This book was one plot after another

and oh there is a sea turtle named Fred.   We all know how I love sea turtles.

The characters were lovable and relatively believable.  Where is my trust fund friend though?

Go read this book, really go read this book if you are going to Belize, even though she was in a Belizean jail for a bit you will still be excited about visiting this very beautiful country.

Book Review: Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell



I can’t stress enough how obsessed I was  am with Veronica Mars. She is someone that I just feel is a true female role model that young girls should look up to, instead of like you know, Kim Kardashian

She is smart, cute, whitty, no-nonsense and went to law school. She uses rational thought to solve problems, she is charming… I mean she is just awesome.

I have been itching to read this since I finished book 1. That being said thank you to the publisher for approving my ARC on Netgalley.

The following review is my own. This review is going to be spoiler free, HOWEVER I am assuming you have watched the TV show. Proceed with caution if you have not watched the show as there is a major plot spoiler of the show in this review.

First let me say that I read a lot, and I have read a lot of books that the author was a writer for a TV show and quite frankly wrote a crap book.

This is not the case with Rob Thomas, every word that man writes paints the perfect picture and truly makes me feel as if I am seeing the world of Neptune through Veronica’s eyes. I could picture the scene in my head, and that is one of the signs of a fantastic author in my opinion.

Before I started the book I was debating the topic of Duncan with my friend Ashley:
What happened to Duncan?
Did Veronica ever speak to Duncan since he ran of with his baby?
Are we ever going to hear from Duncan again?

Well only one of these questions was answered. No I will not tell you which. You want to read this book, believe me marshmallows.

That being said, after reading this book, I can almost say I feel that all my questions will be answered soon, if not the next book.

The plot was well paced and quickly developed, it had a few twist and turns, but there was a slight difference in this book. Veronica figured out who was raping the girls quickly but the catch was proving it.

Does she prove it? was there a twist at the end?

Well you will have to read the book silly.

Only one new character introduced in this book, every other character in the book has appeared in the series some how prior to this book.

That being said, I think the new character has a secret. A good one (I am channeling Lilly Kane here)

I am most certainly waiting for the next book and to see where this character goes, because she was well developed and we got a back story, that you know will come back into play in the future.

I am so grateful for Thomas, for writing these books, Veronica Mars WAS my college experience. The characters are lovable, I stalked the characters at comic con… I even tried to copy Veronica Mars wardrobe.

I apologize for nothing.

I am so happy this is the first book of 2015, and it will proudly sit on my Jen’s 2015 Favorites shelf all year.

Book Review: Legend


By: Marie Lu


This is one of the best books I have ever read, it kept me on the edge of my seat! It is exciting, dramatic and every chapter will leave you at a cliff hanger. If your into mystery, crime and a little bit of romance then this is defiantly the book for you!

I love the seemingly impossible relationship between June and Day! I love how a highly ranked soldier falls in love with the most wanted criminal and uncovers the heartbreaking truths about there so called perfect Republic. They show true love when they end up risking there lives for the sake of each other. I am defiantly looking forward to the sequel!