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Book Review Sunday: Dorothy Must Die


It has been a little while since I reviewed a book on here, and I think it is time I get back on track with reviewing books.

I recently finished Dorothy Must Die and I loved it for so many reasons I really am kicking myself for not getting this review up much earlier.

The Plot: This was one twisted, fun and messed up plot. Take the classic tale of The Wizard of Oz and throw it out the window. Dorothy is not the sweet girl we all know and love but in fact a very evil and powerful version of her. She is actually down right psycho and scary. She has let the power go to her head (I mean who wouldn’t) and has taken over Oz and all her glory she now rules it with an iron fist, and even forces her minions to wear perma-smile. I recommend you read the prequel before you start this book to give you an idea what really happened.

The lion? yeah his bravery turned him into one scary beast.
The Scarecrow? Well his brains have turned him into the psychotic scientist.
The Tin Man? Is a Dorothy obsessed weirdo (shame he was my fav!)

The Wicked? Man oh man the switch has flipped and they are the good guys.

The point of view is told from Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas. she is a strong willed and strong character that gives the story some grit. She isn’t perfect but she is determined to take Dorothy down.

The characters were well developed, Paige took very well developed characters and developed them for evil and did a damn good job at doing it!

Oh don’t worry you wizard lovers, the Powerful Oz will also make an appearance. I know you were secretly worried. I was 😉

Some people have called in Dystopian and I suppose in a weird way it is, but I just think it is a very fun twist with a slice of crazy that makes this book such a fun ride.

I give this book five fun stars, because while the characters may not be original the story sure as hell is.

Hurry up Ms. Paige let’s get that next book out, cause we really need to know “Will Dorothy Really Die”

Disclaimer: This was a fun book, but I know I have read a lot of people out there ticked because it takes away from the political interpretations and symbolization that Baum intended. This was still a fun ride and if you can let that aspect go, I feel you really can enjoy the book.

Book Review Sunday


Graceling meets Beauty and the Beast in this sweeping fantasy about one girl’s journey to fulfill her destiny and the monster who gets in her way-by stealing her heart.

I am a sucker for a good retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales. This is a very dark and gothic retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

I was quickly swept up in this book, the story is beautiful and it is romantic. I am not a fan of romantic stories, but I am a fan of this romantic story.

I found myself loving Nyx, she is not the typically “Beauty” in fact she is gritty, she is dark, she is angry. I loved it. She is half of a set of twins, she is the twin chosen to die and she is not happy about it.

In fact, unlike other fairy tales, she is PISSED at this, she doesn’t want to accept it. Which is why I loved her. Her feelings are authentic.

Ignifex is one charming little demon. I am not easily schmoozed by characters, and this one schmoozed me right over. I am normally anti male characters. I think a lot of times female characters loose themselves when it comes to a male character. Well needless to say I am so prop Ignifex I am ok if that would have happened… Not saying it did… but I am not saying it didn’t either.

Overall this book is proudly going on my favorite books of 2014, list thus far. This book has a little bit of mythology thrown in just to make the story that much more complex and fantastic.

If you are like me and love retelling of classic fairy tales, go read this book. Like now.

I proudly give this book 5 AMAZING stars.

Book Review Sunday

before there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there was Anita Blake.  When I decided to start trying to read this series.  I did not expect the delightfully disgusting moments in


Man this book juicy. Really juicy.

Anita is of course the usual badass that you know and love in the prior books.
Jean Claude is the manipulative vampire he is in the prior books.

What made this one special to me is the fact that it had some juicy gut wrenching moments.

The cringe worthy moment is the detailed watching of a SPOILER ALERT snuff film END SPOILER. AS I was reading that scene my stomach was feeling sick. I was not expecting this scene, and I really hope I can get the images out of my mind.

So anyway, yeah I wanted to warn you of that, because I wish someone would have warned me on that.

Why did I love this book. Richard and Jean Claude.

I think Richard is a great fit for Anita and I think Anita needs Richard to maybe drop a little of guard.

Jean Claude is a great vampire. In fact I would say with all the vampires out there…. he is the best (except for maybe Spike) He is how I expect vampires to be written, cold, demanding, protective, cruel, manipulative and hot… not ummm SPARKLY. I will never understand the sparkly vampire thing.

Also I am loving the alpha male battle going on between Jean Claude and Richard right now.

I say if you like a little gore, read this series, but honestly you can do without reading that snuff film scene. That was gross and I seriously wonder Hamilton dreams about.  This book was by far the most graphic of the books I have read in this series, but I think that is how a book should be, especially when it comes to things that go bump in the night.

My rating?


Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead


The more I read this series, the more I LOVE this series.


This book was a good one; we get to see more of Georgina’s past, or at least what is implied as her past.


We get to see how the men in her life really care about her… it is yummy . . . and seriously I LOVE Roman.


After reading this book, I just really wish she would get it on with Roman.  I know everyone loves Seth, and sure Seth is great, but MAN I just want her to have one last juicy fling with Roman. Minor Spoiler Alert*** After THAT ending I don’t think we will see it***END SPOILER***


Carter. Oh Carter.  I am not sure if it is because I am a bad human or what, but  harbor a secret.  I have a little hope that Carter & Georgie will hook up.  I know Bad Jen.  I know.  I just love Carter, I mean come on how can you not love Carter? He burned up a Christmas Tree at Georgina’s House with his cig.  I just love Carter.


Jerome. We find out how much Jerome does care about Georgina, even if he is a demon he clearly cares about her, in his demonic way.


Seth. I get it, that is her main love interest, but I have always just been indifferent to Seth.  He is not a character that just screams best love interest to me.  I wish he would go away, but clearly he is not.  This does not ruin the story for me though. I mean it isn’t like Seth is some controlling A-hole,  that is wrapped up in a neat hot package.  (example Cullin, Grey… you ge my point)


All in all, I am ready to start the next book… asap.  I love this series, and while I am excited to find out what happens FINALLY in the last book, I can say without a doubt I am going to be very very sad it is over.


I give this book