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Mr. Shi’s??? Yes please!

One of the most shameful things about me is I really don’t like eating.   In other words, I am one of the pickiest eaters you will every meet.

Food is great and don’t get me wrong I love dessert but I am incredibly picky when it comes to food.

So based on this knowledge, I knew China was going to be a challenge.   (sadly every where I travel is a challenge)

I didn’t eat much in China, well that was until I discovered Mr. Shi’s.   We had googled places to eat prior to arriving and Mr. Shi’s came up on a lot of lists.   Internet wasn’t really easy for us to obtain in China, but we managed to get on the internet once to perform the search.

Imagine our surprise when we learned that Mr. Shi’s was literally around the corner from the hotel.

We decided to give it a try and by this point I was so hungry I was willing to give anything a try.

We walked to the destination, with a very rough map.  It was a small hole in the wall right smack dab in the middle of the hutong.   We went inside and I have to admit the smell of fried dumplings was a welcomed smell.

I ordered pork and chive dumplings and anxiously awaited my food.

When it arrived… I took a bite and oh. my. god.  it was DELICIOUS.

So needless to say, I ate there every day and did not have another hungry day in Beijing again.

The End.


Absinthe and squat toilets

I have been very bad about not posting lately.  I am going to try and get back into blogging the crazy that is my life and I figured the best story to get back in the mix of it is this one.

So I tried Absinthe for the first time in China.   It typical Jen fashion it was hilarious.

No I didn’t hallucinate or at least from what I remember I didn’t.

Oh my.  I typically have a strict do not over drink rule when I am in a foreign country.  I like to keep my guard up and I like to make sure that just in case I get into trouble I have a clear head.

So why did I not follow this rule?  Cause this shit creeps up on you and the next thing you are hunting for a squat toilet at midnight walking back to your hotel.  More on that later.

We found this little quaint bar in a very trendy Hutong neighborhood.  The original plan was to get dessert hang out and call it an early night.    All I really remember, from this place is they showed the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on repeat and they served absinthe.

and oh! they call marshmallows cotton candy.

I browsed the menu and I looked at Zach (he was with me in China) and said “Dude they have absinthe here”  While absinthe is no longer illegal in the US, you don’t really see it in bars in Dallas.  He had never tried it and I had never tried it, so hey why not try it… right??? Right. 

We ordered a round and the girl brought it to us with sugar cubes and lit it on fire.    We blew out the fire, smashed up the sugar and took the shot.

and it went down easy…. too easy.

In hindsight, this is why my ass had to use a squat toilet. (again more on this later) 

I received my dessert and after about 15 minutes I looked at Zach and said “I don’t really feel anything do you?”  He didn’t.

I thought it was odd, because I have ZERO tolerance and often have a pretty decent buzz after one glass of wine.  So I was a little shocked I didn’t feel anything.

So hey we are vacationing, let’s order another round.

and another…

and another…

and another…

You see where I am going with this?

Around midnight, I am sure in what was a very sexy slur… told Zach I was ready to go back to the hotel cause I was really tired from walking all over Beijing that day (really I was just drunk) so he paid the tab and we started our mile walk back to the hotel.

We were laughing and talking about just how amazing Beijing was and that Absinthe sneaks up on your ass…

When suddenly I had to pee… bad.

See here is the thing, this is not my proudest moment… but I refused to use the public restrooms in China… ahem the squat toilets.

I know.  I know.  Shame on me but I was terrified of them and while it is not my proudest travel moment I avoided them and would hold it all day.

Well I could not hold it and I got over that fear at midnight in a random hutong in Beijing China.

Sad thing is, I didn’t even see the Green Fairy.