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Castaway Cay…

I was recently going through my photos and I quickly realized there are a lot of things I never really talked about on here even though I did them.  SO I went on a Disney cruise awhile back and I realized I never actually talked about Castaway Cay, also known as Disney’s Private Island.

Sadly, the island wasn’t really for me, I didn’t sign up for any shore excursions or anything as I just wanted to explore the island.  I should have completed a lot more research because I could have run a 5k… that would have been fun.

you live you learn…

Also, I have to admit I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but I will say the beaches were of course, beautiful the island is incredibly easy to get around (they have trams) and if you want you can run a 5k.  🙂 Run Disney is huge after all.

Here are a few of the photos I have from this island.   I do mean a few photos sadly I went through a stage where I truly was not the greatest at snagging photos, but thankfully that trend has passed.  Also I got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow, shame we didn’t run away on the black pearl 😉

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Once a nerd

Today I was going through some of my photos when I came across these two photos.



The photos are not the best quality but they make me laugh.  I am seriously a dork.  

This got me to thinking, I often take silly photos like this, I stage some stupid expression on my face because I think it is funny even when it earns me an eye roll from whoever takes the photo.

In fact, I remember being told once that I really need to grow up when it comes to taking photos.  After seeing these two photos and laughing at them… I can tell you I rather not grow up and I rather be me even if it is a geek or nerd or whatever.  🙂

I rather just be a big ole giant nerd and have these funny photos to laugh at when I look back.   I think too many of us go through life being who others want us to be, but never really get to be us.   That is a shame.

So next time you want to stage a photo with a silly expression on your face, Do It. 🙂

Photos were taken at Atlantis Aquariums in the Bahamas, I loved their aquariums and recommend you check them out if you can.

Bahamas just were not for me

Everyone told me a day would come where I did not mesh with a destination.  I rolled my eyes when I heard this.  I was like no way, I want to go every where and I will love EVERY where, you people are crazy.

Then I went to the Bahamas.

Prior to my trip everyone was like you will love the Bahamas, it is beautiful, it is the best Caribbean island.  I heard this over and over so maybe it was talked up so much I had way too high of expectations, I also experienced bad weather so maybe that had something to do with it?

All I know I left the Bahamas disappointed.  Visiting the Bahamas has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, I grew up just knowing I wanted to go to the Bahamas.


The people were friendly and had a great vibe, but that is really the only thing I can take away from the Bahamas.

I had an excellent vacation and I know I am beyond blessed to be able to go to the Bahamas when so many people can’t afford to leave their home town, which is why I feel bad saying the Bahamas were not for me.

I didn’t have bad experiences, I didn’t leave sick, I didn’t leave with any crazy stories.  I really can’t give you a reason as to why I didn’t care for the Bahamas, except that I just didn’t feel the zing of excitement I felt in other destinations.

I visited Atlantis and while it was a beautiful resort I didn’t find myself getting my credit card out to book a stay there.  I loved the craft market but I didn’t buy as much as I normally do.


I don’t know I guess I am just not on the same wave length as other Bahama goers.   I know people love the Bahamas, which is why I am just baffled that I didn’t fall in love immediately.


Will I give the Bahamas another go?  Sure, just not any time soon.  I mean you never have to twist my arm to go anywhere after all. 🙂  I will share the different things I did soon.  I am hoping my blog will be back to normal in 2016!

I don’t know have you ever felt disappointed by a destination?



Bahama Sunset

Yesterday I shared a Key West sunset today I figured I would share a Bahama sunset, the rain did follow us around, but again at the end of the day there was a reprieve from the rain and I managed to snag two photos of the sunset.  Here is one of the photos.  I really do think I am the most at peace while I watch a sunset.   I should do it more often.