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Bad Netflix: To Rome: With Love

I was interested in this film mostly due to the fact it was set in Rome but after watching omg it was like pulling teeth.

Also CLEARLY a lot of actors must owe Woody Allen A favor.

Essentially this is a movie about 4 different stories that have absolutely nothing in common except the are based in Rome. The story involving Alec Baldwin was the only one that made me curious as to what was going on so that is why I continued to watch.

That being said if you are wanting a movie where you can see the Roman landmarks this movie is for you. I did enjoy seeing the scenery I just wish there was better stories.

So why post this on my blog? I promise to post as much as I can about books and movies set in a specific place and this one was in Rome so I am sharing with you.

Piranha 3D…another bad Netflix movie

I leave  the new movies to Zach… because well I love his reviews and I find them entertaining, that being said I love bad Netflix movies just as much and they are worthy of being reviewed on this blog.

Piranha 3D is an oldie in fact I remember when it came out, hell I even remember thinking I wanted to see it.    So when I saw that this pos film was on Netflix I knew it was time to indulge.

and oh my god guys what glorious crap it was.

What I love most about horrible movies is often the ridiculous plots have even more ridiculous endings but at the same time you might think damn could that actually happen?  Then you realize, you have lost your mind and the beer is starting to mess with your head and maybe it is time to cut yourself off.

Piranha is no different, this plot is really simple, an underwater earthquake happens, letting loose a bunch of man eating fish, that eat all the topless coeds.  The end.  Yes I am serious that is the plot these piranhas apparently love boob.

Seriously dudes there are a ton of topless coeds in this film.  I mean I went to a lot of spring breaks in college but I can’t exactly say I witnessed this much boob but after a google search of Lake Victoria Spring break… it might be the most realistic thing about this movie.  Just saying.

Apparently Lake Havasu’s Spring Break is one of the craziest Spring Breaks in the country, who knew?   Why does this matter, well this is where the film is set, except it is called Lake Victoria which is what the spring break is called.   I don’t know why it changes for Spring Break… it doesn’t make sense to me either.

This film has some interesting names… Elizabeth Shue (yes she is still alive), Ving Rhames (Julliard is probably so proud they have an alumni in this film ) the chic from gossip girl Jessica something or other, Richard Dreyfuss who must have owed someone a favor and Christopher Lloyd who is batty as hell.

So not a bad cast all things considering.

Really after watching this film I wish I could  tell you it offered some sort of life changing moment it didn’t.   You will likely have to go to Lake Havasu’s Spring break for that to occur.  That being said if you have had a few apple ciders and want to be entertained well my friends this might be the film for you.