Summer Plans

Can you believe Summer is here?

As I sit back and think about the past few months I really can’t believe that it is already May and that this is already an insane year.

I am going to be traveling a lot the next few months and I really just can’t wait for the hot summer sunshine.

Summer is my favorite time of year because yes I am a fan of the hot humid summer air that Texas is known for.  So let’s get to my plans for the summer.

What do I plan on reading this summer?


It just isn’t summer without a hot Stephen King book, last summer I fell in love with Joyland and judging by the overview of this book, it will be no different.


I have been a fan of the Stephanie Plum series for years I am one of the few that does think the series needs to come to an end, but I will be very sad when it does. I can’t wait for book 21 of this hilarious series.

As far as books go, those are the only 2 I am dying to read. I know I will read a lot of different books  but these are the two I can’t wait for.

What movies am I most excited about?

When it comes to summer I feel like I am at the movies every single weekend to see movies, often more than one movie.  This summer is no different!


I am a huge fan of re-tellings, and trust me I can’t wait for this movie. I love that Disney is FINALLY giving the Villian’s more pub and I will be lined up for this movie May 30th.


When this was teased at the end of Wolverine, I am pretty sure I almost peed my pants. (I am a nerd get over it) I have been waiting very patiently for this movie, and I can’t stress enough how excited I am. Just two weeks. 🙂


I can’t help it. I loved 21 Jump Street and I feel like I am being un-loyal if I don’t go.


AS I love everything Vikings…. OBVIOUSLY this is a must see for me 🙂

Also plan on seeing but don’t want to make this post uber long, so I will list them out 🙂
Transformers 4
Snow Piercer (Umm Chris Evans anyone?)
Dawn of the Planet of the APes
Jupiter Ascending
The Purge: Anarchy (Yes I think there is something wrong with me!)
Planes: Fire & Rescue
Guardians of the Galaxy (Cause Duh!)
The Expendables 3
The Giver
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

and that rounds up August 🙂

Places I am visiting this summer

Florida 🙂
New York City
San Diego

I will expand on those for sure in the future but I am very excited about the upcoming summer

This is going to be a very jam packed Summer and I am so excited it is FINALLY here!

What are you plans & Must Do’s this summer?

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