Summer at Sea by Beth Labonte


Set in: Bermuda
Summary: Four jackets of varying weights, enough socks for the entire Confederate Army, three umbrellas, most of the antacid aisle from the local pharmacy, and six pairs of old people sneakers that all look exactly the same.

Have you ever helped your parents pack for a weeklong cruise?

No? I didn’t think so. So shut it.

So begins vacation for Summer Hartwell – twenty-six years old, living with her anxiety-ridden parents, and unwillingly booked by her brother on a weeklong cruise to Bermuda. Despite the nightmare of being trapped aboard a cruise ship with Mom and Dad, Summer sees a rare opportunity to fulfill The Prophecy – her mother’s declaration that she will live at home until she gets married. With two thousand passengers onboard, at least one of them must be husband material, right?

The only problem is Graham Blenderman – her brother’s best friend who is joining them for the week, in all of his tall, blonde, extroverted glory. Graham doesn’t believe Summer needs a husband in order to break free from her parents. He thinks she just needs a little bit of nerve. And to Summer’s introverted horror, he’s willing to spend the entire week proving that he’s right.

First off  let me just say this book has earned a spot on my favorite books of 2015, I loved this book that much.  Let me give you a little background as to why I choose this book.   Last week I spent a week on a cruise with my parents, so when I was searching for books to read while on the cruise I was happy to come across this book.

What I was not expecting was to love this book as much as I did.  I was sitting by the pool laughing uncontrollably at the “prophecy” and the determination of Summer.

This book is a must for any girl who is cruising ANYWHERE with her parents because believe me you will laugh at the situations and circumstances she found herself in.

Plus the book is set in Bermuda, and who wouldn’t want to take a vacation to Bermuda?

This book is a fast read that will be nearly impossible to put down.  I promise.

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