Sugarcane Juice is quite refreshing

It is absolutely no secret I am not a foodie type of gal.  I eat to survive but I am not one that will google “Best places to eat in Chicago.”  I do not like eating weird meats and animal products in general, so when it comes to food when I travel I just focus on what I am going to do vs where I am going to eat.  That being said, when I go to festivals I really try to venture out of my comfort zone and try something different.

(side note, I annoy everyone I love because I never know where I want to eat, nor do I care)

I do however love eating anything vegetarian or vegan.  I love fruits & veggies.  I love plant based foods because to me they taste best and often after eating them, I feel my best.    So when I went to the DFW Dragonboat festival imagine my surprise when I discovered sugarcane juice.


In short, it wasn’t nearly as sweet as I anticipated, but at the same time, it was quite refreshing.  I also love that it was not a dairy based drink but fresh pressed juice.

It was a ton of fun watching them make it.  They literally pressed the sugar cane & squeeze the juice out.  It was highly entertaining (at least to me but I am easily entertained).  I thought cane was really hard but this machine made it into mush.  I am pretty sure I giggled, but again I am easily entertained.





the end result???  Cold, refreshing, yumminess.



I highly suspect sugar cane juice will taste way better in Asia, and that is a theory I can’t wait to try out.  Have you had sugarcane juice?

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