Story Time

So yesterday I had the first of two cataract surgeries, and I figured it is time to share how the past few months have been for me.

Lessons I have learned from this entire experience:

1. Get regular checkups especially your eyes
2. I have got to get better about saving money.
3. It is more painful to get a cavity filled than getting cataract surgery.

I have also learned that my vision was bad…. really bad. IN fact I am pretty sure I had no business driving. Seriously.

For example:


The above image is normal 20/20 vision. This is what most people experience every day.

vision post

Until yesterday this is what I experienced. I couldn’t see street signs and color was not very vibrant, I couldn’t distinguish lines and nothing was sharp.

Today  I can  see textures, I can see spots and I can see fine print. I knew my vision was bad, but until the surgery I didn’t realize HOW BAD.
Yes I was legally blind, and it did affect my life. I never wanted to drive at night, I couldn’t see at night, I couldn’t see well anything… even with correction.  I cancelled trips & I never went out.  Which is not typical of a 32 year old.

This surgery was very expensive for me, when it is all said and done I had to pay 10k out of pocket for this treatment, but seeing the difference it was worth the debt I have accumulated and well it taught me that no matter what I HAVE TO GET BETTER ABOUT SAVING.

SO get regular check ups people believe me they are necessary and furthermore start saving money you never know when you will need money for an unexpected procedure.

So here comes the fun story part.

Yesterday I arrive for surgery, I was nervous. Very nervous, I was thinking about the warning I received from the doctor. There is a chance that your vision will not improve, I need you to understand that.

I kept replaying that in my head. MY vision is already garbage but can it really get worse??? what if it gets worse. I will never get to do anything because I can barely do my job now. I can barely see at work and I am performing at a very low capacity. I kept replaying these thoughts over and over.  OMG what if I loose my job and never make it China.

I got called back and they laid be down to hook me up to a heart monitor, then it was time for the IV.

Here is a fun fact about Jen

I am scared of needles. Very scared. I told myself don’t look it will be ok don’t look.

Then I started thinking omg there is a needle in my hand…

and then I blacked out.

Yep, I am surrounded by old people that are more likely to have health conditions, and I blacked out. They called the doctor out and all I could remember is him rubbing my feet telling me to stay with him it will be ok. The nurse saying I need to take a pregnancy test and me talking about Jeremy Renner.

Yes in my near passed out state I talked about Jeremy Renner.

Once a fangirl….

I am pretty sure I was a sight for sore eyes.

Finally I stopped seeing spots and the nurse said that since I am of child bearing age apparently I have to take a pregnancy test.

“Uh shouldn’t I have done that before you hooked me up to this machine and stuck an IV in me?” I asked.

I was scared we were going to have to start the whole process over and under NO circumstances was I going to let them stick me with another needle.  That IV was in my hand and that is where it was going to stay.

“Sorry, but you are the first patient we have had at child bearing age in here.”

I am pretty sure my mouth dropped. I mean I get that cataracts are typically found in elderly people but seriously… .

“Do you know how to take a pregnancy test?” The nurse then asked.

I laughed. She couldn’t be serious, but I was like umm sure. I know. (story for another time I suspect)

She then laughed and said sorry but I have never had to take one or ask a patient to take one.

“I told her I would go take it but they are not taking the IV out of me because I am not going to go through this whole passing out thing again. She said sure and I went and did my business.  Yes I washed my hands and THAT was a challenge in it’s own right.

IT was negative for you nosey people out there.

Afterwards I sat back down and it was time to start the eye dilation and to mildly sedate me because of the lens I chose they couldn’t knock me out I needed to be semi aware of what was going on during the procedure.

My anesthesiologist just got back from Scotland and had traveled to Antigua so we talked about language school in Guatemala and how America needs to get with the program on giving more time for extended vacations.  I had to keep getting medication because my eyes wouldn’t dilate.   I was seriously going for the most difficult patient award. 

The nurse then came out and was like so Jeremy Renner… he is a doll, I just googled him I had no clue who he was.

yeah about that…

So I had to take medication before I arrived to the surgery center, I was food deprived and stuck with a needles resulting in blacking out…. so what does that equal.

Me talking about meeting Jeremy Renner at comicpalooza and that I need to be able to see him without it being blurry, because he is sexy.  SO they needed to tell the doctor not to slip, cause I am not missing my chance with Jeremy….

I then proceeded to tell them the reasons I find him sexy.

Seriously I think I need professional help.

After I was all good and doped up it was time to take me back.

The surgery was a blur but it was fast.  Pretty much all I remember is feeling like my eye was being flushed with water throughout the procedure and seeing these black shapes that I was told to focus on.

Then I was done.  Pretty sure it lasted more than 5 minutes but less than 10 minutes.

The doctor told me to sit up and my first words?

“Oh my god I can see your face doc and seriously I can see the clock and oh my god, I am going to be able to see Jeremy Renner.”

Yep there you have it people, this is what happens when you take a fangirl to surgery and give her drugs.

Also for those of you that are “young” with cataracts, don’t put the surgery off.  It is painless and breezy.  The hardest part was the IV but only cause I have serious issues with needles.

Today I had a follow up and it looks like my right eye will end up being corrected to 20/20 or close to it.

So one surgery down and one to go… can’t wait to see what happens at the next one.

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