Spending the month of February reading Jane Austen

When I announced I was adding the “1001 Books to Read Before You Die” list I decided that for every “fluff” paranormal romance book I read I would read a book on the list so I could be and I quote “Classy and sh*t”  as it is no secret that I love reading  I figured some of the books may be a fun way to travel the world while I stay put in my bedroom. Sadly.

Because of my decision to be classy, I decided that I would start with the Jane Austen books:

#932- Northanger Abbey
#933- Persuasion
#936- Emma
#937- Mansfield Park
#938- Pride and Prejudice
#940- Sense and Sensibility

I decided to focus on Jane Austen for the following reasons:

I often claimed I am a “Huge Jane Austen Fan” when in actuality I have only read Pride and Prejudice.  I don’t feel it is fair to call myself a fan, when I have only read one of her works.

In my defense, I have seen a lot of the movie & TV versions of Emma, so I knew I would like the story of Emma so I figured I should read the book.

Furthermore, I decided that if I was in fact a “Huge fan of Jane Austen” it was time to sit my butt down and read the books. I even re-read Pride and Prejudice… I just love Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy way too much. Que sighs now.

I also figured that as an Anglophile it was important that I read these stories. Please see my United Kingdom category for other books I have read based in the United Kingdom if you are curious. Some day I will make it there. Someday.

and last as February is the month of “love” (finger quotes used) I figured why not read some of the greatest love stories of all time.

I won’t bore you with the details of the books, because to be quite frank classier people have stated all that there is to be said about these fantastic books.  I mean people have PhD’s in Jane Austen, and will write much better reviews on these books than I could ever imagine writing.

I will tell you that Mr. Knightly might… (gasp I know!) be my new favorite. He is practically perfect in every way. I will also say the lack of manners in the  modern world is so sad, and it is fun to escape into a past time where manners were considered every day life.  Imagine people actually being polite.  I love that almost as much as I love the characters in the books.

I enjoyed these books… they are all an easy five stars, and I think everyone should give them a go.   Plus the books were an easy 6 books to read on the list.

995 books left on that list to go…. oh joy.

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