Some of my travel memories…

I am pretty lucky in my current work position where I work with people who are pretty well traveled.  Most of the people are well traveled in Europe, whereas I am more of a Central America & US girl but we were recently talking about some of our travel memories.

This got me to thinking, what are some of my favorite memories? 

Typically when I travel every country has something to offer & memorable.  I love traveling and I love meeting people that are from different countries.  I am of course American and have been raised by “America ideals” so I am always fascinated by those who are raised by “Honduran Ideals”  or “Guatemalan Ideals”  and in reality, it often continues to teach me, we are all in fact human, it does not matter where were are from.   Traveling will keep you grounded, ideas in the grand scheme do not matter as much as I once thought.

Some of my memories I do not have photos just memories, but in reality, a camera is not always available for the best memories.

For example, I remember the first time my parents took me out of the country.  I was 5 and they took me to Mexico.  I didn’t understand the magnitude of the trip that my parents took me abroad.  I however, remember getting vomited on, by a highly intoxicated guy.  My parents told me he had too much soda (I guess they told me this to protect me, but as I am now 33, I really know what was going on).  I did not drink another soda until I was 25.  No, I am not kidding.  I still do not drink soda that often, but I am sure some psychologist could relay it back to this experience.  It was quite traumatic.  I mean I still remember it.

The other day, I was going through some high school photos when I came across my senior trip.  First, as an adult, I know that trip had to be so expensive for my parents & I should have been more grateful & second it was the very first time I traveled abroad alone… well with high school friends but without my parents.  This trip also happened three months before 9/11 & I remember my parents being able to walk me to the gate.  It was the last time I flew before the world changed. 

This isn’t why this trip is memorable.   I was 18 and it was the first time I can remember making a stupid as hell decision while traveling.   Like I look back and I am like what the hell was I thinking?? I survived and I had the time of my life but it was dumb.

Like I said I was 18.  In America, you have to be 21 to drink.  In Mexico, the drinking age is 18.  So what does any recently graduated 18 year old from America do in Mexico?  They drink… excessively.   I went with a few people from my high school to Bongos (or something like that) and we drank way too much.  Then they left.  (Later they told me they thought I had left, and freaked out when I was not at the hotel) SO I wondered around the club looking for them, so instead of calling a cab like any normal person would do… I wandered the streets of Cancun at 2am.  I, of course, ended up somewhere I shouldn’t have when I started to get approached by a group of guys.  Suddenly this is when a guy showed up on a moped… and I remember thinking in my blurred state.  One guy vs five guys.  Needless to say, I got on the back of the moped.    He took me to my hotel and there was no harm done.  I took a chance on a stranger and it was ok.  I trusted my instinct.  I learned to always trust instinct.

Let’s fast forward a few years, I visited NYC for the first time.  I stayed in Jersey with my parents.  Now mind you I am from a small town in Texas, went to college in a small town in Texas and this was really the first experience I ever had with a huge city (besides Austin) I remember getting off the bus and I was instantly mesmerized, then I got ran over by New Yorkers.  The fast-paced moment made my heart flutter and it was this exact moment I knew I had to see as much of the world as possible.  That was a high that I am constantly seeking and have only had few times since this experience.   I still remember everything I felt, smelled and saw in this moment like it was yesterday.

Cruising with a hurricane it is so funny that this is one of my favorite memories.   At the time, I felt like it was the end of the world.  I was able to go on a cruise & it just so happened to be during Hurricane Gustav.   Gustva made landfall and because of that I could not get home the day I was supposed to.  I was in the middle of training at a new job (the job I am currently at mind you) and just knew I was going to get fired because I made a decision to take a vacation instead of start job training.   Now when I look back, I think of the ruins & the guy that got me a coconut and it is one of my favorite stories to tell.   I will never forget the guy that came up to me and asked if I wanted a fresh coconut to drink.  I told him, yes, thinking he would go to the bar and get the drink.  No, no.  He climbed up the tree and then grabbed his friend’s machete and hacked the coconut up for me.   I still laugh at the moment my heart pounded when he literally whipped his friend’s machete out to hack that coconut up.    Such a great trip & I really wish I could have just relaxed a little more. I swear every time I go to Mexico I have an amazing story to tell.

Zip lining for the first time.  Man this was amazing!  I remember being kinda terrified but now I am always looking to zip line.

I was all smiles.. This is Matthew/


As I have been thinking on this the past few days I realized it is time for a change.  Stay tuned friends I do have a major announcement coming soon.

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