So Many Fairies!

When I was little the only Fairy on the block was Tink. Tink was THE fairy.

Let me just say that is so not the case anymore. Disney now has a whole fairy family that consists of Tink, Vidia, Terence, Rosetta, Iridessa… I mean seriously there are a lot of fairies. A LOT. I can’t keep up.

I can tell you who Rosetta, Terence & Vidia are though, because I have met them 😉

For those who HAVE TO meet Tink, you can meet her and one other Fairy at Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook.

This is always a MUST stop for me, because it is always so much fun!

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The nook is located right when you walk into Adventure Land. Tinkerbell is always there plus one fairy. I believe it is mostly Rosetta right now, but it does change from time to time.

The nook is worth seeing just for the set up,


My photos are below, and you can tell from the many candid photos of my face, it is serious business when you are trying to get to Neverland & Pixie Hollow.

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DISCLAIMER: All pictures in this post were taken from the CD I bought utilizing Disney’s Photopass Service, I added fun borders from there service, and used my own editing software to manipulate the images. I did NOT take any of these photos 🙂

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