Shifting gears

Now that my surgery is over and paid  (for the most part) it is time for me to start traveling again.  Granted, I am not really traveling international too much this year, but I do plan on venturing out and exploring.   I need to get out and explore.

Lately my blog has been more about book reviews because all I have been able to do is read books, and I have been searching high and low for books set in different locations.  About 20 minutes ago I was looking for my next audio book on my Kindle Unlimited subscription to listen to at work, and I thought Japan would be a fun location to explore.

A ton of books popped up, and when I was reading the choices a light bulb went off.

What if I dedicated two weeks reading books set in a  country I hope to explore on my RTW trip, and read everything I could about that country and then wrote a post about what I read?  It will be a great way for me to learn about the country & also help me determine what I “must see and must do”

I listen to a lot of audio books at work because I spend 90% of my day reviewing files and determining the value of a claim and I have learned that listening to a story makes my day go by faster and the process easier, because of this I can often finish an audio book in a day.   So reading a lot of books in two weeks is really not a problem for me.

So from now on, every Monday I am going to share what I read the previous two weeks set in a certain country that I plan on visiting during my RTW adventure.

So the first country I plan on sharing with you? 


So my mission is to read and listen to as many books as I can set in Japan over the next two weeks.  I will continue to share other books I have finished with you but I feel this is a great way to focus on one country I plan on visiting at a time. 🙂

What books have you read set in Japan?

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