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I said awhile back I was going to research and find ways to purge your stuff slowly over time. I have a ton of excess stuff and since I do have the beauty of time, I figured I would go ahead and give Sell DVDs Online a try. I will say this was a very very easy process, but if you are planning on getting rid of your DVD collections I recommend getting rid of your DVDs in advance if you want maximum payout, because you will NOT get a lot of money utilizing this site.

Sell DVDS Online! Free Shipping, Fast Cash

Disclaimer: The link above is my affiliate link and I do want to let you know I do earn a very small commission if you sell through the link at no cost to you.

While I did not get rich at all using this process I found it a relatively easy website to use, you simply enter the UPC code and they give you an offer, once you are done selling the items they will email you a free shipping label and you box your movies up and send them off.

Again, you are not going to get rich off of this but if you are interested in clearing space there is not going to be an easier way to do this. I just received my payout today via email so I can tell you that this is a legit company that will pay you. So if you are looking to unload your DVDs I think this might be a trusted source for you, especially if you do not have time on your hands.

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