Scottsdale Heat by B.A. Trimmer


Set in: Arizona
Summary: In this thrilling romantic adventure, Laura Black is an investigator for a highly successful Scottsdale law firm run by slightly shady Lenny Shapiro. She’s hot on the trail of con-man Alexander Sternwood, the missing grandson of wealthy widow, Muffy Sternwood. It sounded like an easy case, at least until she was kidnapped by a couple of upset Russian hit-men named Boris and Ivan, then by two seriously psychotic brothers called Smith and Jones, then finally by Tough Tony DiCenzo, head of the largest crime family in Scottsdale. To top it off, she’s found a dead body that seems to be a message directed toward her. Now, with the help of ex-cop Gina Rondinelli, a stripper named Danica, and her best friend Sophie, they need to make sure that a slightly illegal international jewel sale goes smoothly, or else. All of this pales in comparison, though, with an even greater danger. Laura has decided that now would be the perfect time to get back together with her old boyfriend Jackson Reno, who just happens to be a Scottsdale detective. The only hitch in her plans for romance is Maximilian, a gorgeous crime lieutenant who has his sights set on Laura, a feeling that she can’t help but return. Craziness, romance, and more than a little danger are in store when Laura Black and her Scottsdale friends are on the case!

When I set out to find a book set in Arizona I came across this title, I am glad I found this book. If you are a fan of Stephanie Plum this might be a fun series for you to try out.

I found myself laughing at the situations Laura got herself in, plus I like any book that has a bit of love drama.

Warning though there is an obvious love triangle forming but it doesn’t take away from the story… Also I like both the guys I am not sure who’s team I am on just yet.

I enjoyed the story, my mom lived in Arizona for bit and it was fun reading about the different parts of Arizona that I have personally visited.

Overall I gave this book four stars. I found the book fun, light and beachy. I am likely going to save the next book for my beach trip to Mississippi, because it is just that much fun!

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