Save $1000 this month

When I write about money I often find it is a popular post.  I am pretty obsessed with downsizing and saving money lately and oddly enough I find that when the subject comes up most people want to have savings and stop the pay check to paycheck cycle.

Recently I quit a job that I was making roughly 55k a year and now work in retail for far less money.   I am finding that I truly need less than I thought and ironically the idea of saving money seems easier than before.  Now I will be honest, I am currently living with my parents (in typical millennial fashion) so I do have to worry about rent.  That being said… This is a goal I am setting for myself and I am going to try to find ways outside of my very limited income to save this amount this month.  I will  try to write a post every Sunday letting you know what I did and what I saved.  I hope you join in on the challenge and it doesn’t have to be $1000 it can be 100 just set a goal for yourself and find a way to accomplish it.  The purpose is to try and attempt to break the cycle of living pay check to pay check so let’s do it together!



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