I am finally in the “planning stages” of my RTW page.   This page is dedicated to all my RTW posts on the  blog.  Just click the links below to see all my posts about my RTW trip (that I have not taken… yet) I will be writing about this topic a lot over the next months, as I just decided to leave the “dreaming” stage and actually start the “planning” stage.

I am hoping to include all my money, travel, inspiration & planning posts.  This will allow for quick access to those posts.

My Official Countdown, as I have set a date!


Next the money meter, how am I doing on my savings??? Here is my progress.  I will update as I can! I am ALMOST to 2% of my goal, lucky for me I still have plenty of time (kinda!)

Jen’s RTW fund
Goal: $75000
Start: $0
Current: $1325.66




Pre-Trip Planning-

Jen’s One Month in a Country Dream Plans
Pre-RTW Trip Planning Posts
Travel Budget Books
Travel Memoir Inspiration

RTW Money

My Posts about money
My pre-trip budgeting posts
Jen’s Savings Posts
Selling your stuff

Other Stuff You May Need to Know

How to Cure Boredom cause IT WILL happen
All things debt

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