RTW Savings

I posted three months ago that I was going to start posting every few months all the money I have saved for my RTW adventure. I still don’t have a solid budget target just yet I am toying with 25k.

Today my Around the World Adventure account balance is….


Where did this money come from?

$322.27 Starting Balance
$150.00 in direct deposits
$25.00 in transfers
$142.94 in eBay sales/purging my stuff
$0.35 Interest Earned

I went ahead and bumped my direct deposits from $25 to $75. I came into extra unexpected money in June that allowed me to save $1000 in my “emergency” fund & pay off 3 very small balance credit cards. Thanks to that unexpected money I decided that I could go ahead and bump my direct deposit to $75. At the end of this month I am going to most likely bump it up to $100-$150 because based on my current schedule I am about to pay off another two cards. Then it is time to tackle the big balance items (imagine me giving you a scared face), but I am a debt reducing queen right now and life in general is getting easier, so I am not that scared.  The hardest part of this entire process is the forced paycheck to paycheck lifestyle I am living.  Other than that, it isn’t too hard, having an online saving account where I don’t really have access to the money makes it so much easier to save. It is weird to think that my around the world account will likely have 3k in it by the end of the year.

Guys, I can’t believe how much money I have saved in such a short amount of time. I want to beat myself up for getting so in debt because it is fun seeing my account grow and it is a huge wake up call knowing it would be HUGE if it wasn’t for debt. I have to tell myself daily it is what it is, just keep swimming and soon I will be debt free and on the road. I still have a long way to go but I am proud to report that since I decided to take this adventure I have reduced my debt by over 10k. Each month gets easier, I promise you can do this too. 

If you want to do this I highly recommend setting a budget immediately. See where you spend you money and determine what you can live with out? Kick those bad expensive habits. I was drinking sooo much caffeine I was spending 5-10 bucks a day. Yes the migraines hurt like hell from kicking the caffeine habit but next year that will amount to $1825-3650. There are some people that hit the road with that little of money and have the time of their life. My budget is going to be higher than that but it is nice knowing I am getting closer.

Don’t want to travel long term and just want to go on a vacation?  $3600 bucks can take you on a very nice vacation.

I also recommend zeroing out your bank account the night before each paycheck, because I have set myself on such a tight budget I don’t transfer much money into my accounts, but I do transfer something the night before I get paid. It does add up quick plus it keeps me from spending money.

Well guys I will check back in at the first of the year with my savings update.  I am also going to have a post about debt reduction & how I did it.   I really can’t stress this enough if I can do this so can you! Don’t forget just 4 months ago I was living paycheck to paycheck and often getting down to mere pennies 2-3 days before my next paycheck came.  You can get out of debt and save money too 🙂

Life is short, really try to live your dream.  

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