Roasting Coffee… this way.

Happy Surgery Day!

Today I get the first of two surgeries!!! Wish me luck, cause believe me I am ready to get this stage in my life behind me, and then I can start traveling… and driving at NIGHT again!

Anyway, since all I have been doing is sitting at home sorting through things & looking at past adventures I figured I would go ahead and share one of those experiences that makes me giggle, even though it has been over a year since it has happened.

I do not drink coffee.  That being said when I offered the chance to tour a coffee farm and roast coffee the “old fashioned” way I did not turn it down.

If I could sum the process up in one word that word would be interesting.

I learned that coffee is one of Guatemala’s biggest exports and I also learned that coffee in general is a LOT of work, from growing, to picking the coffee cherries and even roasting the coffee beans.  I had already learned the roasting process from As Green As It Gets, so it was interesting to see the “old fashioned” way.

It really is more work than you can ever imagine.

Here are a few pictures and basic steps of the process.  As you can see in the photos below my face is pretty priceless.


First you must roast the beans to a nice deep brown color.  You do this while  getting smoked out, but hey my smile shows that I really don’t care about all that smoke. DSC03031 DSC03034

Next you place this hot cast iron skillet on the grown and move the beans around to continue roasting them while they start to cool down. DSC03036

Next up, you place the beans into two colanders, and make goofy faces while trying to shift all the husks, grounds… whatever is on the beans you don’t want to ground up.   Make sure you make the crazy faces, it is that much more fun. Bonus points if you have an awesome scarf on.

DSC03041 DSC03042

Next you place the roasted beans in this grinder and get ready to….

DSC03044 DSC03047

Churn and workout… Seriously one thing I learned on this trip… I am out of shape.  In a big way.  I had to walk everywhere and if I wanted anything I had to work for it.    Like grinding this coffee.  On a happy note, the smell of roasted coffee was present during this photo.


All ground up.


and there you have it, that yummy cup of coffee.  Take a sip you earned it!


So there you have it everyone the coffee roasting process the old fashioned way.

Bet you didn’t know this much work can go into a cup of coffee, huh?

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