Rio 2016 Planning Update

I said I was going to have a new post on planning for the Olympics, and while I have been trying to get everything caught up, I knew I was going to have to include a new Brazil Post, because I really have found some very good information the past few months.

Can you believe it has already been 6 months since London? Time really does fly.

Image taken from the Rio 2016 site.
Image taken from the Rio 2016 site.

Today’s post is going to be more towards budget friendly tips for the Olympics.

The best article I have found on budget friendly planning is this article .

This article was beyond useful in my planning because she gives very specific tips & tricks to get to the Olympics on a budget. The Olympics are expensive, there is no way to slice & dice it, if you want to go, you are going to have to spend money, but what I love about this article is that you can still make it friendly for your wallet, by planning ahead. (like all of the smart people following me just because of my Olympic articles)

I learned a lot about the olympics in this article, do you know that Rio tickets are scheduled to go on sale about a month after Sochi? and if you want to go to Sochi, well tickets are on sale now and you have most likely already missed the lottery for the popular events.

Also while we are on the topic of what you should do now, sign up for email notifications at it is also very important that you stay on official sites, because there are a lot of scams & shady people out there and if you don’t stay official, you could and most likely will get ripped off.

I learned that a lot of Olympic events utilize the lottery system. Groan. 

What does that mean exactly?

You pay up front and “hope” you get tickets, if you don’t get the tickets, you will get your money back, but you need to be ready to pay for the events up front, and you need to do that a year from now.

Yes you heard me a year from now actually maybe a little less than a year.

Rio Tickets are scheduled to go on sale a month after Sochi, Sochi occurs Feb of 2014.  Sochi ends February 23rd, 2014, today’s date is March 21.

You have less than a year to save as much as you can friends.

Those of you that follow me just for my Olympic Articles, I hope this is valuable information, and worth sitting through all my other crazy adventures in life, because this is something that I did not know, but so grateful I found, because I would have missed out, had I not decided to start planning.

The article also advised that if you “think” you “might” want to see it, purchase the lottery chance, because you may not get anything else but at least you got into something!

This article also gives a lot of tips of freebies & how to save money on tickets.

All that was Step 1 and all that was new and extremely valuable information to me. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I found out about the lottery system, I may not get tickets, but at least I know how to get the chance to go see my must see events!

Step 2, is all about airports & plane tickets.

Save miles, sign up for airfare deals, find alternative airports and transport.

Good information, but if you are a frequent budget traveler, you know these tips, if you don’t read the article, it is amazing information.

Step 3.

and this is the ugly part in my opinion. I knew I was going to have to pay a premium for tickets, but hotels jack their rates up 300% during games. I knew they would take rate, but I didn’t realize by 300%.

So the $150 a night Marriott, just went up to $450 a night. If you are like me, and I am assuming most of you are, you get queasy at the idea of paying $450 per night at a place you are using just for sleep. If you are going for 10 days (like I plan too) that is $4500 just to sleep at night, my first car wasn’t even worth that!

But lucky for us, as we are planning ahead, there are plenty of tips on how you can save money on accommodations, and I am super excited to see that one of my all time favorite sites is included in the article. I highly recommend this website, and use it whenever you travel not just for Rio.

The article also recommends hostels, home exchanges, rent a house, camping and using your hotel points. It is all about your comfort level, personally I am  not keen on camping in Rio, but if camping is your thing, Go For It!

So again, I really can’t stress this enough plan ahead, make lists now, set money aside to pay for things now, make lists, research your options. Plan! Plan! Plan!

Everyone in my life is giving me a hard time for planning this far ahead, but when I am basking in the sunshine in Rio, and all those “dummies” are working in a cubicle watching the games from their couch, I won’t be and I will have the final laugh and I will be able to tell them they should have followed my blog. 😉

Other articles I came across and want to share.

What does a week at the Olympics Cost?

How to Take your family to the Olympics on the Cheap

My next focus is going to be on accommodations, because  the idea of paying $450 per night for basic accommodation  is unacceptable to me, and I am going to ask a lot of fellow bloggers on what they do when they stay in Brazil.  I will share what I find with you soon.

What tips have you come across about planning to go the Olympics?

What events do you hope to see?

If you are going to Sochi, and utilized the lottery system, how did it work out for you?


Until Next Time,


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