Review: Touchy And Feely (Sissy Sawyer #1) by Graham Masterton


Set in: Connecticut
Summary: The first in the new Sissy Sawyer series When Fidelio Valdes, a disaffected young Puerto Rican, and Robert Touche, a drunk and aggressive businessman who has lost his job and his wife, meet, they begin a spree of random shootings. The Connecticut Police are baffled until widowed fortune-teller Sissy Sawyer contacts them to say that her cards are predicting the murders and giving her clues to the identity of the killers . . .

Some days I need a gritty light read. Lately my life has been so chaotic and busy so I have to resort to listening to books on audible. I listened to this one while driving to Houston this past weekend. It was a fun one to listen to because it is about two people with absolutely no connection to each other come together and start shooting people.

In today’s society that is really not so far fetched, what makes this book fun is Sissy Sawyer, she made me smile because she is a fortune teller that starts to see the murders occur through her cards. She reminds me of my grandmother and I think that is why I like her.

This is a pretty fast read that deals with crazy on a whole bunch of levels and one of the reasons I think I enjoyed it. You have two crazies that go on a shooting spree and another crazy that sees it all come to play.

This is a fun ride and I would certainly read the books in this series. I love how I discover new series on Kindle Unlimited and the fun I can have with the series. this is one of those series that I will continue to read and I enjoyed the gritty writing style the author has. Certainly recommend this for those that love fortune tellers and a little crazy

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