REVIEW: The Ultimate ESL Game Book: Mini-Games and Activities for Young Language Learners

Summary: The Ultimate ESL Game Book is a diverse directory of games and activities created for the ESL classroom with fun and interactive learning in mind. With over 70 individual games and a wide collection of illustrations, there is certainly a game for every classroom occasion. The games provided can quickly infuse any teacher’s valuable learning materials and lesson content with exhilarating mini-games, projects, and activities. Specifically geared towards young learners ages three through ten, the games and activities found in this book aim to stimulate language learning to the extreme.

“The Ultimate ESL Game Book occasionally challenges even the most experienced teachers. Kaplan’s game book is a powerful addition to the arsenal of any ESL teacher. The multitude of games included in the handbook are well-explained, diverse, and certain to make your classroom a more enjoyable and productive learning environment.”
-Read Jay Coburn, Kindergarten Academic Manager in Jinan, China.

“This game book really is the ultimate. It’s a must-buy for any teacher teaching a second language anywhere in the world. The games are well-organized and easily adaptable to students of any age. More importantly, they facilitate an exciting learning environment.”
-Steven Dearholt, Kindergarten Franchise Manager in Haikou, China


My Review:   When I read the title of this book in my TEFL and teaching abroad research I knew it wasn’t quite what I was looking for but I was curious in regards to the idea of teaching English.  I LOVE this guide in fact I am pretty sure this is one of the books I will buy when I am ready to pack up my stuff and move abroad to teach English.     The book let’s you know this is especially effective in Asia, because it is a visual education but the games and practice and can be worked into any curriculum.

Fantastic book that I will buy the physical copy of once I am ready to go (I utilized my Kindle Unlimited membership during my research)

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