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I am always about making some money, especially when that money can lead to somewhere exotic.

I am always asked for ways I make extra cash and I promised I would start sharing more of my ways on the Cubicle Escapee. Today I want to tell you about my very easy experience with Twice Clothing.

If you are like me you are a shopping queen, I am huge into thrift shopping, finding nifty vintage items. My closet is constantly changing to where “M” is always asking if (insert XYZ here) is new.

I am sure some of you get me.

Anyway when I was younger I was huge into taking my clothes to Plato’s Closet when I was done with them, I made some pretty good cash, but as I am now in my early 30s and I dress more career casual & Rock chick than free-loving college chick, I have noticed that my clothes are not taken as often.

Which is ok, I get it.  So I started looking at ways to sell my clothes to other avenues, this is when I discovered Twice Clothing

Guys, when I tell you this is one of the most painless processes I have EVER GONE through when it comes to selling clothes, you can take that to the bank. I sent in a few items of clothes I have not worn in awhile, and based on the painless experience I will use them for all future transactions.

First I went to the website and clicked the sell tab. Immediately a page pops up asking how much you can earn? You can type in brands you own to get an idea of how much you will make. I knew I had a lot of Ann Taylor LOFT and saw I would get approx 2.50-3.00 a shirt. More than I would get in a garage sale, and this way I don’t have to hassle with the sell. Plus if you are not happy with their offer you can pay $5 for return shipping. I was planning on donating my items so I went in with the attitude of $20 bucks will make me happy.

They offer a free selling bag or you can print a free shipping label. As I planned on sending 20 items in I went ahead and requested a bag.

2 days later the bag was in my mail box. The bag is insured up to $100 bucks and includes tracking. The bag is HUGE, so feel free to load it up, pretty sure you could fit 60 items in this bag. The more you send the more you get,

Once I was ready to mail the bag I took a picture of the tracking number and sent it off. This was about a week ago.

I received an offer yesterday at approx 2pm.

Website image

At 2:35 I accepted the offer of 24 dollars.

website 3

At 2:36 the money was in my paypal account.

I tried to follow their instructions closely, but I still had some rejected items. They are going to be picky. What I liked is they told you EXACTLY why your item was not accepted. People who shop thrift have an eye for stains, so understand they may see a stain you didn’t see. The item will be rejected.

Also understand you are not going to make a lot of money on typical mall brands. I did not send any high end designer brands, I saved that for my next shipment, I had to make sure I trust them first. I do.

They donate the items to Goodwill which is what I would have done anyway so I don’t feel too bad about it. Plus now I am 24 bucks richer. What can $24 bucks buy you in the world?

Well I bought 6 Mayan scarves in Guatemala in for $24 and they were loved by all my family members, so much next time I go I am going to have to come back with 60.

download (1)

Mayan scarves not your thing? Well it will buy you lunch and a drink.

Overall I give this experience an A.

Next time I will look closer at the items and make sure I send items I am ok making a few bucks are donating.  Also I would have received $30 bucks if I took website credit which obviously I choose not to do.

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