Review: Into the Badlands

Alright I admit, this show is currently on Season 2… and I am way late to this party, but better be late to a party then never show up.  Am I right?

I am a huge lover of all things The Walking Dead, so when I missed a couple of episodes while I was in China I had to watch on the AMC app.   The app was constantly advertising this show Into the Badlands and me being a huge TV nerd I had to investigate and see what is up.

Guys, this show is so damn legit.  Like I am obsessed with this show.

Here is the premise we are in some society or alternate reality (I can’t decide which) where guns are outlawed and barons have taken over.   Are these barons nice??? uh no.  They are brutal badasses that have these warriors that are bad ass working for them.

One of these bad ass warriors has the cheerful name Sunny.   The story pretty much chronicles around Sunny and his shenanigans that he finds himself in.

That is a very dumbed down version of this TV show, this show is in fact so much more that once you start watching you will not want to stop.  The fight choreography and cinematography is awesome.   The story line will keep you engaged and you will not want it to end.   You will love the characters and have a tough time hating the bad guys.  Also, are the bad guys really bad??? You will have to decide because this show will keep you guessing and give you a hell of a fun ride the entire time you are watching.

First season is on Netflix, so if you stream Netflix you really don’t have an excuse.  It is a damn good show that will keep you highly entertained.

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