Review: Everest

When a friend at work offered his passes up to Everest I was pretty excited, I have a kid dream of visiting Nepal to “see” Everest and I thought the film would give great insight into that.

While I knew the movie was based on a true story I did not know how tragic this story was.

While my bucket list is constantly growing I can assure you that I will never want to climb, trek Everest.

Did you know 1 in 4 people die trying to make the trek???? THAT IS CRAZY.   I think you have  better odds surviving a Great White attack.

It has been 12 hours since I watched the movie and I just can’t stop thinking about it.  This movie was intense, does not have a happy ending for most and was honestly one of those films that will stick with me for awhile.

Actually I am pretty sure my co-workers are hearing me say “Did you know 1 in 4 die?”  or “Did you know there is a ladder to get to Everest?”  or “Seriously Everest was a crazy intense movie”

This movie touched every emotion I have.   I was touched by the love between Rob and his wife who was pregnant with his daughter.  I laughed at the base camp.  I was in awe of the bridges & altitude of Kathmandu. (I knew it was high altitude, but I guess I never understood just how high that really is.  Especially since the highest I have ever been in altitude was Pike’s Peak.   I can’t even fathom being as 29,000 feet in the air.  That is just insane to me.

The acting was great this is an action survival film and I found the actors believable in their roles.  I really loved Josh Brolin.  The man can play a Texan well.   He plays Beck Weathers a Texan that I now want to meet.   He lives in Dallas do you think it is appropriate to stalk him?  Just kidding Mr. Weathers, I do want to say you are an inspiration.  This story… wow.

Jason Clarke is the one that really touched me, he plays Rob Hall who was the guide and leader of this disastrous trek.  His story has me wanting to read anything and everything I can about the 1996 trek.

I know most that went into this movie knew the outcome and fate of the trekkers.  I didn’t.  So I think my perspective is a little different because I did not know the outcome.  I honestly thought they would all survive, I thought they were all going to have happy endings.  Which is why I am just stunned, because the reality is 25% of the people who make this trek do not have a happy ending.

The story of Yasuko Namba is the one that is really sticking with me & kept me up at night.  She accomplished something so amazing.

Then there are the ones who made it to relative safety and then went back to rescue those still stuck on the mountain who would meet the same fate.

I am so happy to learn of this story, but I am pretty positive it is going to start a binge of everything Mt. Everest.  While I have no desire to ever make the trek to the summit, I can say I do feel an obsession with those that have.

This is an amazing survival story, but be warned it does not have a happy ending. (I know most knew that, but if you are like me and did not know that, now you do)

Five stars.



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