Reverse List

This is everything that was once on my Bucket List and have now accomplished, I figured I needed a space when I am sad and carrying on to come to and realize… Hey I don’t have it that bad ūüėČ

Get my Passport Stamped  Honduras, November 6, 2013
Go to Hawaii October 2014
Hike Diamond Head October 2014
Go to San Francisco  December 2014
Meet Jeremy Renner Houston Comic Palooza May 2015
Meet Nathan Fillion Dallas Comic Con May 2014
Read a Book Set in Each State July 2016
Read a Book Set in every Central American Country April 2017
Read 150 books in a year December 2014
Read 200 books in a year December 2015
Read all of Jane Austen’s works February 2015
Stay with a host family Guatemala January 2014
Take the Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney’s Epcot¬† December 2015
Travel Solo  January 2014
Travel to a country I do not speak the language  Guatemala Jan 2014
Volunteer Abroad -Guatemala, January 2014
Visit the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta  October 2012
Visit Alcatraz December 2014
Visit the Bahamas September 2015
Visit Chichen Itza January 2017
Visit China March 2017
Visit Pearl Harbor October 2014
Zip line through the jungle  Honduras, November 6th, 2013.

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