Refund by Mike Thompson


Summary: The Fennec, a professional killer, is contracted by a group of seven businessmen to kill Steven Donovan; a man they feel holds the key to their future fortune. A fortune to be amassed from a platinum mineral swindle.

Each of the men puts up an equal amount of money to cover the cost of the contract, but to appease their consciences; six of the men want to know nothing about the transaction details.

The man who set up the deal is found dead and on his body is an envelope of money marked with a single scrawled word, REFUND. Soon a second member of the group is discovered dead with another REFUND envelope.

The police don’t reveal how much money is in the envelopes, but it is the amount that man paid for his share of The Fennec’s fee.

After another of the businessmen is killed, they finally realize what is happening, but have no way to contact The Fennec and dare not go to the police to confess what they have done.

The police are under constant pressure and want answers as the men from the group continue to die and are found with their envelope of refunded money.

Why is the killer returning his fee and what is his possible connection with Steven Donovan?

My review: When I came across this book I was pretty excited because I have been really struggling to find a book set in North Dakota.  Let me just say this book DID NOT disappoint.  I love a good, gritty murder mystery and this is what you have here.

I mean come on, what would you do if you hired a hit man to kill a business associate, but the hit man turned on you?

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