Quitting Caffeine… not gonna sugar coat it, it sucks.

One of the goals I set for myself earlier this year was to quit my caffeine consumption. I drink way too much, in fact I drink more than the recommended dose and more than any reasonable person would consider.

I do not drink coffee, I drink the other caffeine. Energy Drinks.


We all know those are not good for you, shoot I know they are not good for you, yet I drank them daily. I was starting to notice things in my body… I couldn’t sleep, my adhd symptoms were worse, and then I started getting violent chest pains.

It was time to quit, but me being me put it off for as long as I could. Sure I tried, but by time the first migraine set in approx 24 hours after my missed dose I couldn’t take it and I would throw back a caffeine shot just to make it go away.

Work is incredibly stressful right now & my anxiety levels are already through the roof so I do not know need anything additional to contribute to my heightened anxiety.

So while I was away this past week I decided to give it a go.  I kept a few thoughts on the process.

Day 1- wasn’t too bad.  I noticed I was tired but nothing too crazy

Day 2- the migraine set in, I couldn’t think… my head felt like Thor had taken his hammer to it and I just wanted to die.

Day 3- Scratch that… Thor was beating my head against Captain America’s shield… it was that bad.  I am pretty sure this was the worst migraine of my life. I woke up with the migraine and it did not go away until I feel asleep.

Day 4-  I woke up and my head was not pounding.  I felt tired throughout the day and I had a minor headache kick it around 4 pm, but I took some IB and it was gone.

Day 5- I DIDN’T GET A SINGLE HEADACHE.  I was tired & lethargic but the headaches were gone.

Day 6- I did get a minor headache and I was dealing the lethargy but over all I felt better.

Day 7- I have a headache but it is also my first day back to work so I am not sure if work is contributing a bit.

While I went through some seriously painful headaches and I am still getting minor ones the way I felt overall was amazing.

I slept without the use of sleep meds.  Yes, not only was I force feeding caffeine by 6:30 in the morning, I was having to take sleeping pills just so I would get into a sleepy state by midnight and even then I didn’t get into true sleep state.

I dreamed this past week I was in such a deep sleep I actually dreamed.

I haven’t had any chest pains.

I have not felt my blood sugar drop once before every afternoon I would feel my blood sugar drop and feel like I was going to pass out any moment.

I am still tired overall but each day it is getting better.   So believe me it isn’t easy at all, but I am starting to notice the difference in the way I feel and that makes quitting caffeine very much worth it.



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